Book Review: The First Storyteller By Varun Gwalani

Have you ever been in a space where you felt that you are just bored of how things are in your life and want to run away to a new place for a new beginning? I would be lying if I don’t admit having these thoughts more than a few times in my life and the book that I am going to review today reminded me of those phases through it blurbs. Needless to say that I try to read anything I can remotely relate to so I decided to say yes to reading The First Storyteller By Varun Gwalani.


The First Storyteller is all about a Storyteller who is unhappy with the stifling monotony of his everyday life in the village. He has always been fascinated by the vast Forest that exists on the other side of the villages and to escape his life he decides to explore it.  He had heard countless stories about the mysterious nature of the forest and throughout his journey, he comes across alot of things he had heard about and they are sometimes much worse than he had expected.

I really appreciated the author’s style of writing and the narration kept my interest in the story at its peak. There are alot of different stories within the story without confusing the plot. Language is pretty straight forward and simple but the strong character development along with the writing style adds a certain kind of depth to the simple words making it a perfect example of good writing.

The story does lose its pace in some parts and you feel a sense of urgency to know what is going happen next. I found that both interesting and annoying but I do feel there are a few unnecessary pages in some chapters that do nothing for the overall plot.

The story is truly a spectacular read and to be honest I have not read something this simple yet this impressive for a while now. I hate books with preachy tones and even though the various incidents in the protagonist’s life try to give a moral of the story vibe, the author has done a great job in hiding it within words that make you think rather than taking the self-help book tone. Definitely worth a read so go grab a copy.