Book Review: The Girl Of My Dreams By Durjoy Datta

I had heard alot about Durjoy Dutta but never got around to pick up any of his work but this around I decided to change that so when I was roaming around in the bookstore at the airport and saw his latest book – The Girl Of My Dreams at the must read section, I decided it was time to see if the author does live up to my expectation.

The Girl Of My Dreams is the story of Daman, an aspiring writer who is obsessed with his muse Shreyasi, a character who haunts his dream that are always about them being in a car accident and Shreyasi dying in it. The problem is that Daman was in a car accident with a girl named Shreyasi but for some reason he cannot remember anything about her except her name so he decides to use his imagination and writes about her posting short stories on Facebook. His short stories become viral and in no time he is offered a book deal so Daman decides to pursue his dream of becoming a writer, goes against the wishes of his parents, leaving behind a stable job and with the support of his girlfriend Avni, a banker who struggles between her love for Daman and her insecurity about Daman’s muse Shreyasi, starts working on his dream project

Between the struggle of a writer’s block, a bossy editor and an insecure girlfriend, Shreyasi lands back in Daman’s life leaving him utterly confused. The book is released and Shreyasi is not happy with the way Daman and his editor butchered her character and she decides to take matters in her own hands leaving Daman in quite a mess.

I don’t think I have been so intrigued by a story in a long while so much so that I couldn’t keep stop reading it once I started the book. The author was able to generate the perfect scenario of a thrilling read with the help of well though out characters including Shreyasi who seems absolutely crazy.

The pace of the first half of the book was pretty good and kept me on my toes but I can’t say the same about the second part. The story does start to fall apart as soon as the author decided to tell you the truth behind Shreyasi’s character and that is followed by unnecessary drama and lack of momentum

The climax left me disappointed as well and it was pretty predictable to say the least. I felt a little let down during the whole of the second half particularly after the brilliant manner in which the author had built up the suspense in the initial half of the book. Overall, an average read  but yes the first half was so good that I am definitely looking forward to reading some of the other works of the author.