Book Review: The Jeera Packer by Prashant Yadav

I usually start my posts with a small introduction but for this book, I think I just want to jump into the review straight away. The Jeera Packer by Prashant Yadav, is the story of a who was one of the best sharp shooters during his youth but settles into an ordinary life with a wife, a kid and a shop. After twenty or so years of leaving behind the life of a gunman, is suffering a mid-life crisis and looking for a way to break the monotony of his day-to-day life and boost his depleting self-esteem.

Coincidentally, I was reading the book right around the time when the whole of North India was talking about the elections in the infamous state of Uttar Pradesh. Those who follow politics would know that everything that is a part of the underbelly of politics comes into play during the elections in this state and the fact that the news was talking about things that I was reading about in the book made my reading experience even better and I realized that the author had put quite an effort to get all the right details of Indian politics and Indian politicians.

Each and every character is neatly etched and even the secondary characters have been given enough thought and space in the story. The language is simple, accentuated with Hindi words here and there and even though in the past, an author doing this has annoyed me beyond limits, somehow this time around the author managed to keep me hooked to the book even with his bilingual narration. The pace is decent keeping making it a page turner so you don’t feel like keeping the book down once you start with it.

Overall, the book is simply brilliant and even though it chose such a clichéd topic, never do you feel that the book has become boring or the characters have lost their charm. Politics is not really something that I like to read about but this book definitely changed my opinion and I am looking forward to reading more of the author’s work.