Book Review: The Not People by Sonara

Most titles give you a fair idea of what to expect from a book but then there are  books whose covers and name leave you intrigued. Sonara’s The Not People fell into  the latter category for me so I was really excited to read the book when it landed in my mailbox.

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‘The Not People’ revolves around Parineeta, an army brat who lives and loves unconventionally. Parineeta has always been distant from her family but her mother’s prolong and eventually fatal illness forces her to go back to the life she had long left behind.  Emotionally hurt and confused about the recent turn of events in her life, she decides to trust  her partner, Atharv and together they go on a road trip which was supposed to end in Ooty where Parineeta and Atharv had decided to relocate.

The story began on a very promising note but somehow 100 pages down the line I felt confused with the characters and the plot. There are alot of sub plots and character that keep getting added to the story but the merger of the plots and characters is far from seamless. The shift of the story in the second half of  the book to characters who were insignificant in the beginning left me really confused.

Character development is decent but contradicting at times. A major issue I had  with this book was the language.  I usually complain about the language of a book being too informal for my liking but reading this book felt like reading a dictionary. I am all for big words and one of the reasons I like reading is that I learn a different way and word to express myself but if a book forces you to look up words every 10 seconds then you just loose the fun and continuity out of reading. The pace of the story was a little slow, the conversations between the characters felt unreal and the narration did not help the pace either.

I  was left with a lot of questions in my mind after I finished the book and there were alot of things that just did not make any sense so in the end I was just unsure about my overall review about the book. All I can say is that The Not People could have been a really good story but the author just decided to so many things with the plot that it ended up being a book that overall made no sense.