Book Review: The Speaking Ghost Of Rajpur by Priyonkar Dasgupta

I have some very fond memories associated with my summer vacations while I was in school and to be honest I can give anything to go back to those two months filled with lazy days, games with friends, visit to the grandma’s house and all the silly adventures with the cousins. The recent book in my mailbox, The Speaking Ghost Of Rajpur by Priyonkar Dasgupta took me down the memory lane with this cute cover and I definitely got really excited to read about all the summer adventures the blurb promised.


The book is all about Shoumo and Shoumik who are brothers and their trip to their Cousin Joy’s place in Rajpur during their summer vacations. The boys spend their time reading, playing games at the nearest arcade, cycling to nearby towns while chasing mysteries and rumors that range from dating girls to facing ghosts.

The theme of the book was captured so well with the cover and I absolutely adore the illustration on the cover as well as inside the book. It definitely reminded me of books and comics I used to read as kids.

The plot is interesting, language pretty straightforward and the narration has a nice flow to it. The author transports you to the small town of Rajpur and the little details of the boy’s life with her writing. Character development is the highlight of the book and you absolutely fall in love with little Shoumo. The ending was definitely the high point of the story and everything just merged together seamlessly.The only  thing I did not like about the book is that it is a bit too descriptive at certain places which affects the pace of the story.

I am not going to divulge much details about the story but all I will say is that it a really well written, the story is quite interesting and the narration is brilliant. it took right back to the 90s and the little joys of childhood.  If you find yourself thinking of the good old days – not so old, just the nineties then this is a must pick.