Book Review: There’s Something About You by Yashodhara Lal

This is the third book from Yashodhara Lal that I am reviewing on the blog which easily indicates that she is one writer I enjoy reading. I am an avid reader of her blog and I knew I had to pick her new book- There’s Something About You as soon as she announced the same and when it finally came out, Harper Collins was sweet enough to share a copy with me.


There’s Something About You is the story of Trishna or Trish  as she likes to call herself. A twenty-eight year old, overweight, single and snarky journalist whose life takes a rather surprising turn when she gets fired from her job of 7 years. To add to her misery, she has an ailing father suffering from Alzheimer’s, a mother who criticizes anything and everything she does and a friend who is more of a frenemy.  To complicate the situation even further, enters Sahil who is almost so perfect that it seems unreal but has a weird problem and while Trish is adamant to not let him in her life so is he to be around her as much as possible.

Character development is one of the writer’s strong suits and she did not disappoint me in this book as well. You instantly develop a liking towards the sarcastic, oh so cynical yet so caring and sensitive Trish, feel sympathetic towards her dad, think about all the ways your own mother drives you crazy when she has arguments with her mom and remember that one friend you just don’t know why you are friends with after you are introduced to Akanksha. If you have read the previous books written by Yashodhara Lal you would agree with me when I say she is the queen of humorous sarcasm and you can see that side of her through the protagonist.I could personally relate to a lot of things in the book, especially the body shaming part of it as I was obese kid and the way this topic has been handled in the book is really subtle yet very close to reality and effective.

Pace of the story is great and the narration is decent. I was pretty surprised that Trish’s love interest did not even make an appearance for almost the first half of the book considering the blurb paints the book as something from a romantic genre.I am not complaining because in the first half whatever is happening in Trish’s life has been narrated in such a manner that you don’t really feel that something is missing.Just like the previous two books, the author has taken mundane details from daily life and given them a humorous twist making the book an enjoyable read.

The only thing I did not like about the book was Sahil and how his character affected the end of the story. I just could not relate to the “gifted” part of his character and as I mentioned he just felt to good to be true which is not something that I like my main characters to feel like.

Having said that, I am really impressed with the fact that Yashodhara Lal is not writing something that is predictable. Every book I have read is different which makes me look forward to her next book even more and the humor and her writing styles are an added bonus. If you are looking for a good read while lounging alone on a lazy day, pick this one up and you will not be disappointed.