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Book Review: Those Pricey Thakur Girls by Anuja Chauhan

During my last visit the Cha Bar with friends I found myself waiting for a table for around 10 minutes and no sign of getting one for another 15. Determined to atleast have my favorite rose tea that day, I decided not to get restless and look around the oxford bookstore to kill time. Now if you ave been reading the beauty section of this blog you would know that I am not a person who has too much self control in terms of buying things I like so even though I had a pick pile of books sitting on my side table waiting to be read, I ended up picking a few more ( read few as around a dozen :p) that days as well and the first book that hit my cart was Those Pricey Thakur Girls. I remember thinking what a catchy title and such a pretty cover and well I started reading it as soon as I found (or you can say adjusted into :p) a tiny space for me in the crowded metro.

The story revolves around the five named in alphabetical order( a to e), beautiful but troublesome daughters of Justice Laxminarayan  who lives in the lavish bungalow on the posh Hailey road with his wife and the two unmarried daughters Debjani, our protagonist and Eshwari, the overly popular girl in school while the other three married ones; Anjini, the gorgeous one who is incurably flirtatious but childless, Binodini, whose husband has multiple failed business ideas to his credit and ends up filing a case against her own father to get her “hissa” . Finally there is Chandralekha, the one who elopes on the eve of her wedding. She is the Voldemort of the Thakur household… she who must not be named :p . 
The pace of the story definitely a little slow for me and I do believe that the author could have reduced atleast a 100 pages if she decided to not dig deeper into irrelevant details.Character development however is brilliant. The concerned parents, the nosey neighbors, the over dramatic chachiji and the body builder cousin are are quiet relatable.

The story is  definitely interesting. I wouldn’t say its humorous but little incidents every now and then keep you entertained. There is definitely alot of drama with politicians threatening journalists, wife being obsessed about her husband’s affair with the maid, a national broadcast which was not meant to happen and the highlight definitely the ghost possessed stabbing. Between all these characters and all these stories, the author was able to squeeze in a believable romance that keeps you hooked till the end.

Overall, I liked the book. I loved the story, Debjani and her family kept me entertained till the last page however I do feel I would have enjoyed the book a little more if the pace of narration had been a little faster. Definitely a good one time read.

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