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Book Review: The Unwanted Shadow by Bhaskaryya Deka

There are three thing that I can’t seem to pass without trying…a plate of food that smells delicious, a bright pink lipstick and a book with an interesting title. The title of the book going to review today- The Unwanted Shadow got pretty intrigued with the spooky cover adding to the effect and I decided to give it a shot.
The Unwanted Shadow is the story of Mohan, a troubled boy who grew up in a small town in a conservative family. After finishing his school, Mohan fights with his father and moves to the big city of Delhi to complete his education and fulfill his dreams. But just when he is looking forward to a new life, things take a turn for the worse and Mohan lands in prison.

The narration and language of the book is very simple. Character development could have been better as I never really understood any of the characters completely and neither did the story attached to some of the characters seem appropriate considering how they portrayed by the author.
The story starts on a promising note but slows down in the middle only to gain a little momentum towards the end. I did find alot of good elements in the story however overall the building up to a  surprise aspect which you look for in a thriller was missing and alot of events seemed forced. The ending is definitely brilliant but the lack of pace ruined the overall effect for me.
As I mentioned , I did like certain elements of the story and I would say that the author had all the ideas to create an thriller novel however its the implementation of the ideas and the pace of the story that did not work for me. 

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