Book Review: Why Not ? Life Stories of Amazing Achievers by Lata Upadhyay

I am not some one who is comfortable with change so I usually stick to my comfort zone and it usually takes alot of planning motivation to try something new. This year I wanted to venture out of my comfort zone in terms of the genres I like to read and one of the genre I have always shied away from are self help or books that have motivational tones. I don’t know why but I find them boring so this time I decided to try a couple of books from this genre  and the first book I picked was Why Not? Life Stories of Amazing Achievers by Lata Upadhyay.


‘Why Not?’ talks about five extraordinary Indians and their lives.  The biographies are around a 10-15 pages long and cover everything from the family history to the story behind their success. I am kind of surprised with the fact that the author was able to summarize the lives of these public figures in such few pages without sounding rushed or disconnected.

One of my biggest pet peeves with biographies is when the author turns the lives of people into a long lecture which is not fun to read. Each personality was described with a trait and their life was woven around it. The book is really easy to read and keeps you interested. There is this little list of important events at the end of each story highlighting achievements and milestones of each of the achievers.

I did feel the book is more appropriate for kids but it is a good read even if you are an adult and into biographies. The language is pretty simple and straightforward so it is a good way to introduce your kids some motivational biographies . It is a good read which you can finish in one seating without much fuss.