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Book Review:The Homing Pigeons by Sid Bahri

While most teenage girls were crazy about Mills and Boons…I hated them. I know hate is a strong word but I did hate them. I hated the fact that they expressed human emotions in such a cliched manner. And why just Mills and Boons…pick up most love stories in any bookshop and you would see the same thing. every author just tries to create the magic of Romeo and Juliet without making the protagonists  sound like human with normal emotions.
After I received the The Homing Pigeon and read the blurb…I was kind of sure that it would be another one of those lame love stories…I mean seriously a guy whose has just lost his job, a young widow…and pigeons…it had cliched written all over it. But boy oh boy…books like these remind me why I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

The story has two protagonists – Radhika and Aditya. They meet as kids  then part away, meet again and part away again  and so on. Aditya had a successful career in banking but loses his job due recession and some how ends up in a very different kind of a job. Radhika , a rich widow who married twice suddenly realises that she has wasted all this time she has and still doesn’t know who she is.
The story is narrated by both these characters. Though I usually say that such a narration makes things repetitive, I don’t have that complain here as one of them is talking about the past while the other is describing the present. So you get both perspectives to a situation but the story keeps moving forward.
The story on its own doesn’t really have to much to offer but Sid Bahari has done an outstanding job at writing it. This one of the most well written books I have read all year. Every chapter has been presented in such a simple manner and using such beautiful words that you just can’t resist reading on.

The only thing that disappointed me was the end. It was just too abrupt for me. I know people prefer open endings or something that they don’t expect and yes the ending did make sense but maybe somewhere in my mind I wanted to read a few more pages and felt kind of dissatisfied when the story ended like it did.

Basically The Homing Pigeons it’s one of those books which you read on a quite weekend, cuddled up in your bed with a nice cup of tea. The story line is alright but I can assure you that the author’s writing style would leave a mark on you.  I would give it a 8/10…pick it up, its worth a read

P.S. I received the book for review purpose but the opinion expressed is honest 🙂