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Bourjois Paris Blush in Brun Cuivré : Review and Swatches

In my post graduation I had to choose a foreign language…I had a wide variety of option…I could choose between French, German, Mandarin, Spanish, Italian and Portugese.  Dreaming about the beautiful city of Paris…I quickly opted for french. Little did I know what a big pain in the ass this language would turned out to be…They speak something and they write something else and the grammar…don’t even get me started about it.
If you are wondering as to why I suddenly went into the french language bashing mode…well the other day I was arranging my makeup in these multipurpose drawers that I bought…and while doing I came across this tiny peach packaging but what bothered me was that the shade had a french name Brun Cuivré which I could not decipher. Obviously Google translate came to my rescue and I saw that the name meant Copper Brown…which left me even more confused because what I was holding in my hand was not anywhere near copper or brown but it was this cute little blush from Bourjois Paris.

Brun Cuivré comes in a peach colored plastic packaging. It has the brand name and the name of the shade engraved on it. The packaging has a little mirror in it and a brush that feels like a broom. the packaging is very sturdy…so go on throw it around all you want :p

These blushes are baked blushes so when you open the lid of the packaging you see a little dome. They have a very silky texture which I love because most baked blushes turn out to be a little chalky. It is definitely full of glitter so until and unless you want to look like a glitter ball yourself, you need to be a little careful while using it.

The actual shade of Brun Cuivré as I mentioned is not even remotely related to its name. It is a very soft peach with pink undertones. It is definitely more pink on the cheeks than it is in the pan but nonetheless it is an extremely flattering color for any skin tone. Though because of the overdose of glitter, it is not really a day blush…it is more of going out at night kind of a color.

The blush has decent pigmentation and really good staying power. I can see the color on my cheeks after swirling my brush just once on the brush and applying it and the color stays intact for a good 5 hours without fading.

Final verdict….I find myself looking for this blush whenever I have plans in the evening.I have not really bought alot of stuff from Bourjois but I am soo happy with the quality of this blush that I plan to get some more things from this brand and some more shades from this range. 
Have you tried this blush?
What do you think about these cute little domes?
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