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Breakfast Smoothie!!!

I am breakfast person, I’ve always been. My day is much better if it starts with a good breakfast. Now thanks to my office hours and the fact that I have to travel to the other side of the city to reach my office doesn’t really allow me to prepare and sit and have a lavish breakfast (well except on weekends..:) ), so one of my favorite and well go-to breakfast have been smoothies…
Those of you who don’t know what a smoothie is…basically its like a milkshake…but usually in smoothies we use a lot of fruits, vegetables and instead of milk you tend to use yogurt…
Now I know you must thinking…yogurt and fruits and vegetables…sounds healthy but not really tasty…well trust me there are like a thousand smoothie recipes that are so yummy that it will blow your mind..
So today I am going to share one of my favorite smoothie recipe…its simple, its healthy, its filling and it tastes amazing 😀
Here’s what you need to do
Blend all these together…and tada….
Do you like smoothies?
Share your favorite smoothie recipe with me by commenting below
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