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Brunch Date @ Café Blue Tomato, Rajouri Garden

If you live anywhere near West Delhi, you would completely relate to me when I say that  the official cuisine of this area is Indian and Mughlai food. Don’t get me wrong…I do love a bowl of creamy Dal Makhani with some hot Naan but well you do need a change once in a while and finding that “change” is quite a task. We have a couple of restaurants that offer other cuisines but I wouldn’t say they offered anything worth a recommendation. However when I came across this little cafe with a bright blue board telling me that this place is called Blue Tomato, I did become a little hopeful that maybe this place is going to be something different ( even the name blue tomato screams different…right) so I decided to have a little brunch date with Mr. Fiancée here.
What caught my attention at the furst place when I was crossing this place was this bright red phone booth and these caricature styled paintings of John Lennon and Michael Jackson visible from the cafe’s display. Trust me, these are not things that you expect to see in the by lanes behind the famous Rajouri Garden main market. 
True to its name, the decor is predominantly blue with pictures of popular rock icon adorning the walls. Its definitely not very spacious but they have utilized the space quite well to give the place a very cosy feel.

The first thing we ordered were drinks. This place have a bar licence yet so it was just mocktails on the menu I always ask for the servers recommendation to judge the service. Trust me, I always have lots of questions about the menu so if the staff is able resolve all my queries and recommend a decent meal without rolling their eyes or making a face then they do get extra points from me. Coming back to the servers recommendation, well he suggested the Café Blue Tomato Refresher and Spicy Tempt. I think the CBT Refresher is one their most popular drinks because atleast one glass of it on every table that was occupied so obviously by the time I was I had pretty high expectations from it and thankfully it did not disappoint.  They got the combination of blue lagoon syrup, some ginger , a little basil, some lime and lots of soda to give you the perfect summer drink. Spicy Tempt on the other was a little disappointing as it was too sweet and I was just unable to understand why would anyone use the word spicy for such a sweet drink. We basically ditched Spicy Tempt and ordered another Refresher for us 🙂

For starters we ordered the Chilli Potato Cigarrolls with sweet cabbage salad and Chicken Satay with warm cabbage salad. When you look at the Chilli Potato Cigarrolls, they kind of remind you of springs roll so in my mind I was prepared for a disaster( Indianised chinese with mash patotoes…umm…you get the picture right) however I was pleasantly surprised because this dish was absolutely delicious. The cigarrolls were delightfully crispy outside and had this melt in the mouth mash inside. The sweet chilli sauce that accompanied these rolls added the required sweet and spicy notes and all in all balanced the appetiser quite well.

Chicken Satay was another one of my favorites.  The flavour was great and the chicken was cooked perfectly…not too dry that you are chewing on them like a cow but neither to moist that they fall of the mini skewers. The cabbage salad however was pretty disappointing as neither was it warm nor did it have any flavour. It just felt like they had served blanched cabbage as a side for the satay.

The main course was a mix of a pasta, a pizza and a huge burger. We decided to try the Pomodoro Pasta on our server’s recommendation and it was truly the highlight of our meal there. I know that the pomodoro served to us had been modified a little to suit the Indian and any true admirer of the original dish would eat my ear off for appreciating this indianised version but still what I had, original or not tasted really good.

We then tried the Tandoori Chicken Pizza. I loved the crust but the topping is a little sweet for me and I am not sure whether it was something in the sauce but the sweetness completely overpowered the taste of chicken.

For the burger, we decided to try the triple whooper mutton burger. The burger has a good three layers of minced mutton patty and its  definitely something I would recommend to anyone who is into hearty burgers. 

For desserts, we went for the much recommended bloody mud cake.Its a chocolate sponge cake topped with chocolate sauce and its served with scoop of ice cream on the side. I found to be too sweet and well I have a very active sweet tooth and if I say its too sweet then for a normal personal its almost like dipped in sugar syrup and sugar sprinkled on top kind of sweet. We weren’t able to have more than two bites of it and decided to leave it instead of spoiling the taste of the burger we had just before the dessert.

Service is not Cafe Blue Tomato’s forte. I saw two servers and one of them had no clue what he was doing. Thankfully the other one who ended up serving our table for our whole meal was tad better than her colleague. On an average every order took almost 15-20 minutes to arrive and the drinks came in with our second appetiser. So basically they took almost 25 minutes to serve us our drinks. 

Another issue with the place is the location. If you are familiar with area like I am, then it wouldn’t take you too much time to locate the restaurant but if you aren’t then asking for direction and using your GPS is your best bet. Finding parking on a busy day like a weekend is also a nightmare near this place.

All in all, it wasn’t a very memorable experience. Its a good place to catch up with friends if you are in the area but its definitely not something that you should specially drive down for. I had a couple of good dishes at this restaurant but I wouldn’t say that they were exceptional.

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