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Brunch @ Fresc Co, Janpath

There are always a few friends in your life with whom you can sit and talk for hours even if you are meeting after years. Two of my very close friends moved away in the past few years and got busy with their lives but as soon as they came back to Delhi, we decided to meet over brunch to catch up and because we all love Italian, we decided to try out Fresc Co. in Janpath.

I am not really a big fan of buffets because somehow my experience with them has not been too exciting in the past but I had a heard alot about Fresc Co. from some very reliable sources ( read big foodies at work) so I decided to make an exception.  

Fresc Co. is right across the street from the lane of the Janpath Market.The ambiance is very pleasant…the combination of blue, white and  green makes the place  look quite peaceful and serene. They have two sections for seating but overall the whole place is a little small and on weekends it definitely gets very crowded so you end up bumping into table (and people :p) while you are trying to get your food

The menu of the buffet keeps changing but all in all you have 2 kinds of soup- a vegetarian one and non-vegetarian, 7-8 types of salads, 5-6 types of appetisers, 3-4 mains, pasta, unlimited pizza, and 5-6 kind of desserts. They have a live egg station, a live pasta station and a bar but the drinks are not included in the buffet.

I started my meal with the chicken soup, a serving of sea food salad, a serving of cocktail pasta salad and hummus and crackers. The soup was alright…nothing special…my friend tried the vegetarian version which tasted more like a stew rather than a soup :p

I loved the salads…particularly the sea food salad which a variety of sea food in it and could have been a total disaster but turned out be really good. The hummus had the right texture however it lacked the punch of olive oil in it.

For appetisers, I tried the cheese croquettes , fish croquettes, chicken shawarma rolls, courgette and fish cakes, a bite size appetizers that was a combination of french bread, pesto and egg… I don’t remember its name…but I definitely didn’t like the combination. The croquettes were cold which was a little disappointing however when I mentioned the same to the manager he immediately got it replaced. The fish cakes on the other hand were amazing….I have tried fish cakes at other restaurants and usually they are so full potatoes that you can’t really taste the fish but this had the perfect balance.

In the main course we tried the ratatouille stuffed cannelloni, mushroom and corn florentine, smoked chicken pizza, grilled vegetable pizza,  penne pasta with arrabiata sauce and fettuccine with alfredo sauce. 

The ratatouille stuffed cannelloni was divine. It was everything a ratatouille should be…full of flavor and I could taste the vegetables in it.  The florentine had too much corn in it and was a little bland for me.  

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Fresc Co. offers unlimited thin crust pizzas and pasta with the buffet. We were served smoked chicken pizza and grilled vegetable pizza. The pizzas were great….they had just been taken out of the oven…the sauce was great…there was balance between he amount of cheese and  the amount of the toppings on it so you could taste everything.

The pastas were alright….I did not really find them to be something that I would go back for. I am usually more of a white sauce person but the alfredo sauce was really runny and lacked the richness and flavor of butter in it. The arrabiata sauce on the other did satisfy all the check points in my book and I loved the fact that I could taste the garlic in it. 

We finally attacked the dessert section. I had taken a quick tour of the dessert section before we started eating as dessert definitely the most important part of my meal.  There were 5 kind of pastries , blueberry pudding,  2 kinds of ice creams and fresh fruits. We obviously tried everything apart from the fresh fruits :p

The first dessert we had was the custard apple and passion fruit cheesecake….It tasted like any other cheese cake and I didn’t find the taste of the two things it was supposedly made of. Then we had the butterscotch pastry which was really good…it was not too sweet and the pastry was really moist.  This was followed by chocolate and walnut brownie which was a total disaster. It was very dry, hard as a rock and kept bouncing of my plate when I tried to use a spoon. 

We then had the carrot pie which was alright…it was just that the pastry of the pie was a little too thick so it overpowered the taste of the carrot.  Next we tasted the caramel custard…this tiny little dessert was  so good that we went again and  helped ourselves with at least a couple more. 

The blueberry pudding had very funny texture….it looked more like whipped cream than a pudding…but nonetheless it tasted nice.  The ice creams was very icy so we decided to skip it after a bite.

Overall I was quite happy with the quality and the taste of the food. The service at Fresc Co. is definitely deserves a special mention as it was very prompt and the servers and the manager were always on their toes when it came to addressing the customers.  The only issue I had was that when we went second serving the food was absolutely cold so I wish they could take care of this. Having said that, I still had a better experience at Fresc Co. than what I have had when I have visited buffets in the past and I simply love the decor of the place so I do plan visit them again.