Brush Egg Makeup Brush Cleaning Tool: Review

Now that I have started reviewing brushes regularly on the blog, I quickly wanted to talk about this tool that helps me keep these my brush babies nice and clean. I got to know that there is something called as Brush Eggs ( I have no clue why they call it that) through Instagram when one of my fellow bloggers posted how easy it was to clean brushes with it. I wasn’t sure that such a tiny little thing could actually do what it claims so I decided to put it to test and quickly ordered one from TMart.


Price: Varies depending on where you buy it from.

So the Brush Egg is an oval shaped silicon product that has a flat base with groves and an oval end open at one side for you to insert your fingers to keep the brush egg in place. It’s basically like an egg cut in half and I guess the creators agreed with my example for the shape and hence the name. The brush eggs are usually pretty small and the ones I have seen online are either of the size of my palm or even smaller. The one I own was the biggest size TMart have and is enough to wash even the huge face brushes I own.


The grooves on the flat surface of the egg help to clean out all the makeup that has accumulated on the brush. The knob like grooves are supposed to help create lather but I did not really see them doing anything to foam up the products I use to clean my brushes. Having said that, they do come pretty handy when I try to clean the smaller brushes.


So the way I use the brush egg is that I soak my brushes and after a few minutes, I just swirl the ends and sides of the bristles gently all over the grooves for a good 2-3 minutes and then rinse them as usual. I do need to repeat this process for the thicker brushes, especially the kabukis to get all the makeup out.


As I mentioned before, I wasn’t really sure how effective this tiny thing would be when I saw online but it since I have used it, I know why people rave about it. I usually used my palms to clean the brushes before I bought the brush egg so it took me a good 10 minutes or so to get all the product out of the dense ones and don’t even get started about the effort that went into cleaning my foundation brushes but with the brush egg though, it takes less than five minutes to clean even the densest( if that is even a word :P) brush I own.


 All in all, I agree that a brush egg is definitely a very pocket friendly and efficient way to clean up your brushes. The best part is that they are totally affordable and you don’t need to use any specific brush cleansers with these, in fact it doesn’t help in reducing the amount of product you need to clean the brushes as the grooves assist the product in deep cleansing of the bristles. I used to dread washing my brushes but this tiny little toy has helped alot in getting me motivated to clean up my brushes more regularly. I bought my brush egg from TMart as I was already placing an order with them but you can find them on Ebay or even Amazon.