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Burt’s Bees Honey Lip Balm: Review

I have a love hate relationship with Sephora. I absolutely hate the staff there, the fact they do not restock stuff on time and the the stock that they have, to the say he least its not not worth purchasing. The only reason I love Sephora is because it also bought brands like Stila, Soap & Glory and Burt’s Bees.  Talking about Burts’s Bees, I almost raided their whole counter the last time I visited the outlet the last time and one of my favorite products from that haul is the Burt’s Bees Honey Lip Balm.

Price: Rs 400 for 4.25 gms

What the company has to say about the product:
Sweet way to soften lips.Hydrate and soften lips naturally with this nourishing 100% natural lip balm. Specially formulated with mango butter, this replenishing balm soothes, moisturises and protects to reveal smooth, healthy lips. Lips will love its lush, fruity flavour and the soft, moisturised feeling it leaves behind.

The packaging is the standard Burt’s Bees yellow orange roll up tube. I have mentioned time and again, I prefer tubes any day over tubs so I have no complains with the packaging.  It ticks all the boxes in my list…sturdy, convenient to use, hygienic and easy to carry around .

The lip balm doesn’t have any tint but it has a very strong fragrance of honey. I find it really pleasant but in case you don’t like strong fragrances then I think there is going to be a problem. 

The texture of the lip balm is a little creamy and heavy however this heaviness vanishes after a few seconds of application and you don’t even feel like you have applied something on your lips

Even though I hoard lip balms, I absolutely hate re-applying them every now and then so one of the major reason behind this lip balm becoming one of my favorites is the fact that I can just apply it and then just forget about dry lips for hours. My lips remain moisturized for almost 4 hours and  well that is not something I have experienced with any other lip balms I have used before.

I don’t think I came across anything I did not like about this product other than the fact that its only available at Sephora. Its made of natural and cruelty free, keeps my lips moisturized for hours and has this amazing sweet fragrance…basically it does everything you want from a lip balms. The only issue is the availability but then again you can always buy more than one when you visit 🙂

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