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Chili’s @ Vasant Kunj

I don’t make friends very easily and when I do I form a very close bond with them. Even though I was always told that you can’t really find good friends at work  specially in the private sector because there is always an element of competition in the environment. For me, fortunately this did not turn out to be true, and within days of joining my workplace I found a bunch of people who are completely crazy, silly and fun-loving and I love them 😀
Unfortunately, one of them is leaving the organisation, going back to her hometown and getting married….so basically she is going to get super busy 🙁 .Obviously saying good bye to a friends is always a very difficult task, more if you are so close that others call you inseparable but then again good food and some drinks makes alot of things easy so we decided to say good bye to our friend S over some delicious lunch at Chili’s in Vasant Kunj.

The decor at Chili’s  is pretty simple. They have american diner style seating, music and a big red chili hanging in the middle of the restaurant. Its not a very big place and its usually quite full so most of the time you have wait atleast 10 minutes to get a table which thankfully did not happen that day and we got our table as soon as we entered the restaurant. 

Image Source: Chili’s Facebook page 

As we made ourselves comfortable we were given the menus by a very enthusiastic waiter. There are two things that I noticed about the menu- first one being that it was a very elaborate menu which was good thing   but the menus had no structure and they were like different single sheet menus which was kind of confusing and we ended up fighting over what to order for a while.

The service is pretty slow which is surprising because the over- enthusiastic waiter I just told you about was at our table after like every two minutes from the time he gave us the menu till the time we placed our orders however he just vanished for seemed like a good 20-25 minutes after which our meal finally arrived.  
For appetizers, we got Classic NachosBottomless Tostada Chips with Salsa and the Non- vegetarian Triple Dipper. The nachos were really good. The combination of cheese and jalapenos with the sour cream was just divine and you must try them if you ever visit this place. By bottomless they mean they you can get as many refills of that particular dish or drink, however the tostada chips were noting special and the salsa was a little runny and not spicy at all so I did not like it. The triple dipper was definitely a good choice. It was a platter of chicken crispers, boneless chicken wings and southwestern rolls with two kinds of dips.Simply loved it 🙂

Classic Nachos
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Bottomless Tostada Chips with Salsa

Triple Dipper
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After this, we decided to try their burgers because they are supposed to be pretty good. K and I ordered the Cajun Chicken Burger, N ordered the Classic Fajitas while S whose the only vegetarian of the group went for the Jalapeno Burger. For drinks, I went with Strawberry Lemonade which turned to be alright, nothing special while the rest of them had bottomless coke. 

Strawberry Lemonade

I wish you guys  could see my reaction when I first saw the burgers. It was so big that I was trying to figure out how I would eat it. As if the size was not enough , the burgers came with a generous serving of fries and a garlic cheese dip. I finally managed to get hold of how to eat the burger and it was really juicy and just perfect. The Cajun Chicken was cooked to perfection, it was really moist and was surrounded by lettuce, slices of tomato, mayonnaise and lots of cheese. I also tried the Jalapeno burger from S but found it to be  a little bland and a bit dry. The burgers , thanks to their size were obviously very filling and we had almost no space left 🙁
Cajun Chicken Burger

The Classic Fajitas was served with Tortillas , house made pico de gallo , cheese , sour cream, guacamole and a sizzling platter that had slabs of cottage cheese, onion, capsicum and tomatoes along with some more pico de gallo. The menus had a set of instructions to make your own fajitas but after numerous failed attempts, N decided to go the desi way and simply put everything on the tortilla and made a roll :p. I am a big fan of Mexican food so I had to try this but sadly I again found it to be a little bland. The pico de gallo was nice however the guacamole lacked the classic mexican zing

Classic Fajitas
Sizzling platter of cottage cheese, onion, capsicum, tomatoes & pico de gallo

Even though we were absolutely full, we knew we had to try one dessert on the menu because we saw it as soon we had the entered the restaurant and it looked really tempting. We had enquired about it as soon as we got the table and it was the molten chocolate cake. Its a warm chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling and its topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream that has a layer of crunchy chocolate shell on it. All I can say is that this was the perfect end to our meal. The cake was really moist, it was not very sweet and the combination of the warm cake, the runny fudge and the chocolate covered vanilla ice cream was like a match made in heaven and it was so good that  it was gone even before I could take a second bite.

Molten Lava Cake
Image Source: Chili’s Facebook Page

Overall, I was left Chili’s completely satisfied and well fed. Though the service has a lot of room for improvement, the food is so good that you can actually forget about the fact that the food came a little late. The portions were so generous that we regretted ordering so much food however that’s is definitely not something you can say for most restaurants. The only problem is that if you are a vegetarian you might not find too many things on the menu but for the ones who don’t mind the non-vegetarian food, well the next time you are the Vasant Kunj area, I would recommend you to consider Chili’s as an option.