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Clinique Even Better Concealer in Orange Brightener: Review and Swatches

What do you do when you have a demanding job and a beauty blog that requires you to click closeups of your dark circle ridden face…get more sleep…nope…you go ahead and burn a big whole in your pocket to buy a color corrector that would convert you from a panda bear with dark circles that could give any black eye a run for its money to a pretty princess with beautiful and flawless skin. I kind of fall in this category and after being tired of rejecting pictures just because my dark circles would be peeping out even after applying a heavy concealer, I picked up the Clinique Even Better Concealer in Orange Brightener.

Price: Rs 1600 for 3.5 gms ( remember the burning a big hole in the your pocket part :p)

The Clinique Even Better Concealer comes in this tiny tub made of frosted glass with a silver screw on lid. I usually hate glass packaging because how dangerous they can prove to be in case you drop them but this tub is definitely sturdy as I managed to drop it the moment I opened it from the box followed by a couple of more tumbles here and there and I am happy to say it has survived so far.The only issue I have with the packaging is hygiene. I wish it was available in a tube form because I find dipping my fingers in the product very annoying.

In terms of the texture, the concealer is quite thick and creamy. Its a little dry so blending takes some effort. However if you ensure that your under eye area is well moisturised, you wouldn’t face any problem in working with it. In the long run this dryness in the formula actually turns out to be quite a boon as the concealer doesn’t budge all day and there is almost no creasing.

The concealer is quite pigmented and a little amount of product goes a long way. In terms of coverage, you get medium coverage initially which you can build up. Now I know the bright orange looks pretty scary in the tub but trust me once you see what it does, you fears will vanish. The orange is not as bright on the skin as it looks in the tub and it completely neutralises your the bluish purple tint of heavy dark circles

To be honest, I wasn’t really sure whether I should spend so much money on this tiny tub but now that I have started using it, I kind of have that “How did I survive without this product” like feeling. I don’t see any discoloration under my eye after I use this product under my concealer and it gives a very subtle brightening effect to my under eye area. 

Here’s are the swatches


Wearing a concealer with the Clinique Even Better Concealer in Orange Brightener

All in all, I love this product and what it does for my panda eyes. Its definitely an expensive addition to my vanity but I don’t see myself discontinuing using it atleast till the time I have all these late night deadlines.

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