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Cocktail Drama at Pangaea New Delhi

With temperature touching almost 50 degrees every other day in Delhi, an invite to attend a mixology session at one of the most exclusive nightclubs in New Delhi definitely sounds like a sight to sore eyes. So last weekend I was invited by Pangaea on an event called Cocktail Drama where they intended to showcase their bar service and expertise. 
For those of you aren’t aware about Pangaea…well Pangaea is one of the top nightclubs in the world with regulars that include names like Madonna, Kate Moss, Leonardo DiCaprio, Sting, Paris Hilton, David Beckham and Prince Harry .  After London, Miami, Aspen, Los Angeles, Brazil, Spain, Austin, Texas and Singapore,the highest earning nightclub chain opened opened in Delhi last year.

In the invite sent to us, Pangaea promised a luxurious afternoon and to set the tone they collaborated with Uber car service to ensure that we reach safe and in style. Calling a cab in Delhi is another big task and having said that, Uber solved that problem for me. No phone calls and waiting for the cab service to arrange a car for you, or waiting for the cab driver to reach you pick up location, making excuses like I am stuck in traffic if he is running late. All I had to do was download their app, the app picked up my location and located the nearest cab. The best part was the ETA or estimated time arrival feature and you can actually see where the cab is exactly at all times so no unnecessary delays. 

The Uber App

Coming to my experience at Pangaea, a warm red hued ambiance greeted us as soon as we enter the place. You can’t miss the beautiful  mid century painting that adorn the walls the stunning chandeliers complementing the chic decor. A unique feature about this place is that unlike most night clubs, Pangaea doesn’t have a segregated dance floor. The whole place is a dance floor and you can dance on every inch of this place….even the podiums on the side, if you are up for it. :p

Look at the gorgeous chandeliers

The first part of the mixology session was all about the accomplished bartenders of Pangaea making some fun and easy cocktails for us. The theme as you can guess was summers so the star ingredients of these drinks were summer favourites like watermelon and mint. After this it was time for us to go behind the bar and whip up some interesting cocktails and it was definitely something me and my friend N were looking forward to. 

Raman at work…teaching us how to whip up some cool cocktails

This one was my favourite…a watermelon and mint based cocktail

While N stuck to citrusy and fruity flavors, I decided to experiment a little and asked our bartender Jiten to help me create something with chilly. No I am not crazy…but its not everyday you have the best bartenders in the country teaching you so I wanted to try something different.  After a couple of shots ( lots of coughs and exclamations like oh my god..this has chilly :P)  we all settled for some entertainment by a stand up comedian and some delicious food.

N behind the bar

And this what she created 😀

Jiten made the afternoon so much fun for us 😀
I also had brief chat with Piyush Nahata, Marketing and Programming Manager at Pangaea, about the place, how successful the concept of an exclusive or as they like to call it ultra lounge was doing in India, the state of art equipment they have and lots more. 
With Piyush, the Marketing and Programming Manager of Pangaea

All I can say is if you are looking for a place to party in style, then I guess Pangaea should be on the top of your list. They have a great ambiance, courteous staff, some very talented bartenders and a very exclusive selection of liquor which includes labels like The John Walker, Glenlevit 25YO,Glenmorangie 25YO, Patron Grand Platinum, Ace of spades Vintage & Rose…basically everything you need to party like a star. 

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