Colorbar Infinite 24 Hrs Eyeliner in Infinitely Brown: Review & Swatches

The thing about trying new products is that sometimes your trusted brands start taking a back seat. One such brand is Colorbar and I can’t believe I haven’t featured it on the blog for almost a year. I obviously wanted to break the streak so I picked up the Colorbar Infinite 24 Hrs Eyeliner in the shade Infinite Brown.

Price: Rs 700 for 2.5 ml.

The Colorbar Infinite 24 Hrs Eyeliner comes in a black plastic packaging with a conical cap that has the applicator attached to it. The cap has the same color as the shade of the liner so it’s brown for this one. The packaging is almost the size of my palm so I do not face any issues carrying it around, in fact, it is so tiny and sleek that I end up losing it in the sea of makeup in my travel bag.

The applicator has a soft but sturdy tip which retains its shape and helps you create lines of any width. The cap gives me a good grip and I found the pointed tip quite handy when I am trying to create a cat eye because the tip gives me that perfect edge.

The shade Infinitely Brown is a deep brown that settles into a sort of glossy finish. The finish is not that fake cheap glossy almost matte with a little bit of shine kind of glossy. The liner does dry up pretty quickly so you have to be a bit quick with it. I am a little disappointed with the shade because it is a bit darker than I wanted so it looks almost black on me.

The liner is definitely not proof but it more like water-resistant. It does turn a bit flakey and crumbles off if it comes in contact with too much moisture so not an ideal liner if you are living in a humid weather. Under normal circumstances, the eyeliner doesn’t smudge or fade away.

Coming to the 24-hour claim, well, first of all, I am always a sceptic of such far-fetched claims so I did not expect the eyeliner to survive the whole day and I was right. The liner will last you a good 8-9 hours post which it starts crumbling and the tip of my cat eye starts vanishing. The staying power on me is lower during hot and humid months because I have a tendency to sweat a lot but on a day when I have the luxury of experiencing good weather or being in air conditioning the whole day, it stays on.

Overall, I like the product and delivers everything a good eyeliner is supposed to. The 24-hour stay claim is a little far-fetched but it is a liner that lasts pretty long so instead of treating it a 24-hour wear product, I prefer thinking of it as a long wear eyeliner.