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Colorbar Perfect Match Beauty Balm: Review, Swatch and FOTD

I am finally reviewing the last of the BB creams that I picked up. It has been a long journey….I mean I don’t even remember the last time I picked up or used a foundation. Anyways the last but certainly not the least in the long line of BB Creams I tried is the Colorbar Perfect Match Beauty Balm. Was this another disappointing product or did I find another BB cream that I like. Read on to find out 🙂

Price: Rs 550 for 29 gms.

Colorbar Perfect Match Beauty Balm comes in a tiny plastic tube with a silver
cap and a nozzle like opening. Its very easy to work with the tube as its
pretty flexible and the nozzle ensures that you get ust the perfect aount to
work with. The cap stays in place so low chances of a mess-in-the-handbag situation.

I absolutely love the texture of this BB cream. It has a mousse like texture which ensures that the product doesn’t feel heavy on the skin but you need be very quick to blend it as it settles in a matter of seconds. Also you need to have a well moisturised skin…why….well there are two reasons: 

1. Mosituriser delays the settling and gives you time to blend the product properly
2. The product has a tendency to highlight dry patches so a well moisturised is a must 
The BB cream is available in three shades….Vanilla cream, Honey Glaze and Cinnamon Swirl. Its a limited shade selection but fortunately I found the right shade for me- Honey Glaze. It also has SPF 30 and this amazing floral fragrance which fades away after a few minutes of application.

Coverage is light to medium so you do need a concealer to hide those pesky acne marks that are peeping out when you apply it. Having said that, I don’t really mind the average coverage because it gives my skin a subtle glow and a semi matte finish that looks absolutely natural.

Staying power of this BB cream is better than most of its peers that I have used. It stays on me for almost 4-5 hours and keeps it matte and oil free for almost the same duration.  
Here is how it looks on me

I definitely like this BB cream. I had almost assumed that no BB cream except the one from Deborah is going to suit my skin but Colorbar proved me wrong and I find myself reaching for it on most days. Its not a budget friendly BB cream and not a great option if you have extremely dry skin but its a great option if you don’t mind spending a few more bucks than usual and if you have an oily skin.

So ladies….this is the last chapter of the BB cream saga…I am officially done with BB’s for now. I know we have a couple of more ( Oriflame, Clinique…) out their in the market but I have already covered most of them so until and unless there is a specific request ( drop them in the comment section), I don’t think I am going to pick another one.