Colorbar Perfect Match Primer: Review

I am so sorry to be MIA for so long but I had my hands full on both personal, professional and health front. Things have finally started to settle down and I am feeling much better so usual blogging will resume. Apart from my never ending heath issues these days, a constant complete nightmare for my skin are summers. During the hotter months, one makeup product that becomes indispensable part of my routine is a primer. The only problem is that in India, primers are pretty expensive finding a good primers that are effective without burning a big hole in your pocket is quite a challenge. Just around the time I decided to go look for a relatively budget friendly primer, I came across the Colorbar Perfect Match Primer and decided to test it.



Price: Rs 825 for 30 ml.

The Colorbar Perfect Match Primer comes in a transparent tube with a silver twist on cap. I really like the simple sleek and tiny packaging because it doesn’t cause any hassle or take too much space while travelling. The cap stays in place so chances of a mess in your bag and with the transparent packaging you can see the amount of product left to ensure you don’t discover that you suddenly ran out of it.




The primer has is thick transparent gel with no fragrance. It has a very smooth texture and blends on the skin with ease. The slippery texture is definitely an indication of presence of silicones in it but I did not have any adverse reaction to it. The slippery texture ensures the product spreads easily and evenly on the skin giving a very smooth finish. The primer gives my skin a very healthy look and minimizes appearance of any open pores or imperfections. I love how my skin looks after applying the primer so much so that on days when I don’t want to wear any makeup, I just apply the primer with a little bit of concealer on areas where I need it and I am good to go.


The primer proves to be quite effective when it comes to oil control and my foundation/base stays in place longer when I wear the primer underneath. It also prevents my foundation from oxidizing which is something very common during the hot weather. Overall, the primer keeps my skin looking fresh and prevents my makeup from melting away in this scorching heat.


All in all, I am absolutely in love with the primer. It does everything it claims and more. I love how healthy my skin looks just after applying the primer and it definitely keeps my base in place longer than it would have survived on its own. The only downside is the presence of silicones so if your skin is sensitive to silicon I would advice a patch test. The presence of silicon did not affect my skin so I am pretty happy about it. It is one of more pocket friendly primers available in the market and if you are looking for a good face primer, do give this a try especially if you  have an oily skin.