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Colorbar Radiant Glow Face Illuminator Pen: Review

Hello Girls 🙂
If you ask me about my weird habits…the thing that will top the list is the fact that I love fiddling with things that are lying around. And well it gets all the more worse when the thing I am fiddling with is a pen. If its a normal pen I end up doodling on anything I can find or tapping it on the table continuously and if by any chance its one of those spring pens…well then its “tick-tock….tick-tock…tick-tock ” through out the day. 
Keeping in mind what I just told you, you can easily understand how excited I must have been when I saw this pretty little spring pen shaped Colorbar Radiant Glow Face Illuminator Pen at the Colorbar kiosk. The moment the SA showed me how it worked, I knew I had to have it. Did the product keep up with my excitement….read on to know.

Price: Rs 475 for 2.2 ml

What the company says about this:

Banish the dull and tired look forever with the Radiant Glow Face Illuminator. A one of a kind product in India, this face highlighter gives the complexion a vibrant and perky look. The Radiant Glow Face Illuminator enhances makeup and brightens the complexion, giving the face a natural glow.”
As I already told you, this illuminator comes in a cute silver pen packaging. The cap is quite sturdy so you don’t have to worry about your bag getting all glittery when you carry it around. The pen has a brush tip. You need tap the bottom of the pen just like those spring to make the product to come out of the tip.

The illuminator is a rose gold colored liquid with minute glitter particles. There is only one shade available but when you apply it you would notice that it has this shiny frosty finish that would work on every skin tone. 

The texture is thick and smooth. It blends like a dream without making you look like all disco bright. This one of things that I love about the this illuminator as it gives that soft glow to the cheeks without making you look too OTT
Now that we have talked about what’s good about this product lets move on to the not so good things about it. Firstly, even though I love pushing the button to get the product part…the pen does tend to clog at times, which means that you basically have to keep clicking it around 6-7 times before the product comes out. also sometimes even after clicking it htis many times, the product doesn’t come out and one click later…whoosh…a whole tsunami of the product starts flowing.  I think that happens because after a couple of uses the product dries up and clogs the brush. A simple solution to this problem is to clean the brush using a tissue after you have used it.
Second problem with this is that even though the brush tip is supposed to be used to apply the product directly to your face, don’t do that.  The product dries up in the brush after a couple of uses, so the brush tends to get a little hard thus giving you a streaky finish.

Final verdict….if you are looking for a budget friendly illuminator….it is definitely the product for you but you have to have the patience to work with the clicking mechanism. However if  you like you makeup to come in user friendly packaging then I guess you need to look elsewhere.