COML Recommends: 5 Summer Friendly Face Masks You Need To Try

I love my DIY face packs to death but on days when you want t to relax, it is just to much work. I have these lazy days quite often particularly when it’s like 40 degrees outside so today I bring to you, my 5 go to face masks that help me beat the heat.

The Face Shop Real Nature Face Masks

The Face Shop offers a huge variety of face masks in variants like Lemon, Cucumber, Raspberry, Avocado, Green Tea and many more. The face masks are easy to use and you can pick a variant depending on your skin type. I just leave the pack in the fridge on the day I plan to use it and come back to a nice cold face mask after a long day. These are pretty much my go-to options these days

Price: Rs. 100 per mask

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Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

This was one of the first skincare products I picked up from Innisfree and it has pretty much become a skincare staple since then. It is a clay mask which is such a blessing for my oily skin and the mask helps me to exfoliate and removes dead skin cells leaving my face looking really clean and fresh.

Price: Rs. 1100 for 100 ml

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Organic Harvest Anti-Tan Mask

This was one of those products that the company sends you for review but you are not too sure about but surprisingly I was proved so wrong. It’s a very creamy and light mask that gives you this nice glow after a tiring day. I also love to use it when I have been out in the sun for a while as it gets rid of the tanning and prevents additional build up.

Price: Rs 545 for 50 gms

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Himalaya Neem Face Pack

This was my go-to face mask when I was living off an allowance and well somethings are so good that you always go back to them. The neem pack is my first choice when I am battling my summer acne and is just zaps them down right away. Perfect and pocket-friendly

Price: Rs 130 for 100 gms

Plum Green Tea Clear Face Mask

This is one of the latest addition to my skincare routine and I love it to bits.Green tea is an oily skin girl’s best friend so and this mask helps a lot with absorbing excess face oil and cleans up my face instantly.

Price: Rs. 490 for 50 gms.

Which are your favourite summer face masks?

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