Crazy for Kajal, But Not the Stains!

Like many beauty blogs, Colors of My Life has gone crazy for L’Oréal Paris’ new Kajal Magique – the first kajal the L’Oréal brand has introduced in India. Unfortunately, we’re not so crazy about the stains! While many of you may be experienced in slipping your clothing over your head without smudging your make-up, not all of us are quite so skilled, leading to horrible black stains smeared across our best outfits. So how do you get kajal pencil out of fabric? It’s actually very simple – just follow this simple advice!
Before you get going, take a good look at your garment label: your standard robust detergent might seem like a great way to attack a stain, but you may be damaging your clothing in the process, particularly if it’s made of a delicate fabric. Remember to check the product label or look up your detergent online to make sure you’re treating the stain with the right product; most good laundry product sites also offer stain-busting advice for really tricky spills.
So, with the right technique, a drop of laundry detergent, and a good washing machine, you can keep your clothes looking their best… But you may have to re-do your eyeliner! 
What’s makes kajal so tricky?
Once upon a time, people made kajal by grinding lead into a fine powder that would stain the skin. This, however, resulted in multiple health concerns, most notably lead poisoning. In fact, when studying different kajal pencils produced in Pakistan, India, and Saudi Arabia, researchers found that 31% of products contained more than 50% lead! While many women tried to prevent the risk of lead poisoning by using alternative products, such as charcoal, they were just never as good. Until now! Leading beauty companies have managed to create a safe, easy-to-use pencil that glides on effortlessly and creates that classic dramatic look, without the health concerns.
Unfortunately, just because these new kajal pencils are safe, doesn’t mean they’re problem-free. L’Oréal’s Kajal Magique, for example, contains a number of ingredients that are renowned for being a nightmare to remove from fabrics. Cocoa butter and olive oil – natural fats – are just two of the most troublesome ingredients of new kajal products in terms of laundry. 
Removing kajal from clothing
There are three things to consider when removing a kajal stain from your clothes – your products, your technique, and your washing machine settings. These handy tips can help you get the best results:
If you’re dealing with delicate material, you don’t want to be using any sort of abrasive, chemical-laden cleaning products, as they will just damage the garment. However, you also don’t want to be using plain water. Both cocoa butter and olive oil don’t respond to water treatment, causing the water to simply sit on the surface of the garment, rather than soaking into the fabric. The best product you can use is a gentle laundry detergent. Detergents are specifically designed to break down oil particles, making the kajal stain easier to remove.
It is so tempting to scrub and scrub at a troublesome stain, but this only makes things worse! As soon as the detergent hits the oil, it will start to soften and loosen the stain, so as you scrub, you’ll be spreading the stain around a larger area of your clothing. When applying the liquid detergent, just dab it gently, keeping it contained to the soiled region. 
Washing machine settings
It’s absolutely vital that you opt for the right water temperature when trying to remove kajal stains from your clothes. Many women use a very hot temperature when dealing with soiled garments, thinking that the heat will remove the stain more thoroughly. However, high heats can actually set the stain into the fabric, making it more difficult, or even impossible, to remove. For most stains, a cool wash of less than 30 degrees is usually recommended, but for kajal, you need a temperature somewhere in-between. Cocoa butter melts at temperatures between 30 and 35 degrees Celsius, so by setting your machine to wash at this temperature, you can melt the butter, thus removing the stain. 
Many of us are so excited about seeing more kajal products on the market, and, knowing the best ways to remove kajal stains from our clothes, we’re no longer scared to put our makeup on before we get dressed in the morning! Don’t fear kajal – embrace it! 
P.S.: This was a guest post by Surf Excel