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Date with Interesting Food @ Farzi Cafe, Gurgaon

Dates are pretty rare phenomena for me as the sailor boy is busy roaming around the world. But when he graces my town with his presence, the first thing I do is make a list of places I want to visit with him. Both of us are foodies so we love trying new restaurants and this time the place that was on the top of our list was Farzi Cafe. 

Located at the ground floor of the busy DLF Cyber Hub, this place has gained alot of name for itself in a very short period of time because it’s one of the few restaurant in the city that are experimenting with molecular gastronomy. I for one was pretty intrigued to see what they were upto even though we had to wait around 25 minutes to enter the place.
The decor is interesting. You are greeted with pretty glass doors, the furniture is mainly all about unpolished wood, the bar is in the shape of a ship and then you have a wall covered with fake grass. Everything that you see on the wall is hand drawn and so is the menu.
Once we placed our order and just before the food arrived, we were offered the mishti doi shots. These are basically palate cleansers to help you enjoy your food better. 

Mishti Doi

We started by ordering drinks ( well a 25 minutes waiting time kind of makes you thirsty) and on the servers recommendation we picked Litchi Farzi Desire and Farzi Ok. We were pretty happy with both the drinks but yes Litchi Farzi was definitely my favorite. If you are a litchi lover like me you need to try this because I have tried alot of litchi based drinks but this drink captures the taste really well.

Farzi OK

The menu has a lot of interesting but confusing names so it is advisable to take the servers help to understand exactly you are ordering. The first appetizer we picked was the tandoori butter chicken bun with green chilly mayo. I loved the buns, they were steamed, really moist and soft. The slight sweetness of the buns compliments the spicy tandoori butter chicken really well and yes the tandoori butter chicken was punjabi sailor boy approved.

Tandoori Butter Chicken Bun

The next appetizer we picked was the paneer khurchan tart.  The tart was crisp and light however the paneer was pretty spicy which I like but the sailor boy who has like almost zero tolerance for spicy food was turning red and gulping multiple glasses of water :p

Paneer Khurchan Tart

Before our main course arrived, there was another round of palate cleanser. This time a hajmola flavoured ice cream which looked like a lollipop. Just as we finished relishing these cute palate cleansers our next course arrived.

Hajmola Lollipop

On our servers recommendation, we ordered the rishta reduction pork ribs. I was a little hesitant in ordering pork because I have not really had a good experience with pork in Delhi but as everything else that our server had recommended till now had turned out to be great, I decided to give it a shot. 

Rishta Reduction Pork Rib
After just the first bite, I was soo glad I had followed through on our the recommendation because the pork was divine. The Indian flavored gravy added a whole new dimension to the dish and the rest was taken care by the pork which was cooked to perfection.
Next we decided to tried the British import chicken tikka masala with cornish naan on the boy’s request (seriously…Punjabi’s and their chicken and naan :/). Now I wasn’t sure as to why it was called British import chicken tikka until I saw how it was served. Well you basically get the naan in this red telephone booths that are a common feature in London. Anyhow apart from the different presentation, the chicken tikka was not anything you can’t find in a good Indian restaurant however it was the bread that was the highlight of this dish as it had cheese infused in it. 
The interesting telephone booth
For desserts we decided to go for two options- The Parle-G cheese cake and the Ras Malai Tres Leches. Not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined pairing up something as ordinary as a Parle-G biscuits with something as exquisite as cheesecake but Farzi Cafe did and well the execution would leave you hungry for more.  The sour cheese with the sweet and creamy rabri and the slightly crunchy parle g biscuits hit all the right notes with your taste buds.
Parle-G Cheese Cake

Ras Malai Tres Leches
Sailor boy preferred the Ras Malai as it was less sweet. I loved how creamy the Ras Malai was but for me a dessert should taste like a dessert and well this one just looked like one but did not satisfy the cravings of my big sweet tooth.
Our meal ended with Paan Gujiya which came in this very interesting box. When you look at the gujiya for the first time, it looks like a normal gujiya but when you pick it up, that’s when you realize that its made of cotton candy which adds the right amount sweetness to the filling inside making it the perfect end to our interesting meal.
Pan Gujiya
Now that I have spoken in detail about the food, lets talk a little about the service. Now as I mentioned, we had a very helpful server who was prompt and courteous however we did meet a lot of fellow diners who weren’t very happy with the service. I personally did not have any complains but just discrepancies in service is what earns an amazing restaurant 
like Farzi Cafe a bad name.  
Secondly the portions are a little small so make sure you order accordingly. I would suggest ordering multiple elements as the menu in itself not that big so you can easily try everything on it.
All in all, I had a very pleasant experience at the Farzi Cafe. The food was great, I loved he concept and every time our server came towards our table with our order, I felt like a kid opening up a Christmas present…the anticipation of what it might look like and what kind of a different taste will greet us this time made the whole experience even better. I do plan to visit it one more time to taste the rest of the menu but yes so far so good. 
Picture Credit: Sudhanshu Setia

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