Dear Earth Apple Cider Anti-Dandruff Shampoo: Review

I think if you search Shampoo on the search bar in my blog, most results will have the word anti-dandruff in it. I can’t help it because I have been struggling with dandruff issues since I was a teenager. I have gone to a zillion dermatologist but turns out I just have super sensitive scalp and all I can do is try to keep the dandruff in check because turns out it is not going anywhere :(. Anyhow, I usually try to incorporate SLS and Paraben free products in my skin care and hair care products and keeping that in mind, the latest addition to the long list of anti-dandruff shampoos I have used is the Dear Earth Apple Cider Anti-Dandruff Shampoo.


Price: Rs 400 for 150 ml

The Dear Earth Apple Cider Anti-Dandruff Shampoo comes in a small transparent bottle with those openings that work on the seesaw principle. I love the compact packaging because it doesn’t take too much space and the top doesn’t budge until you apply pressure to it so it is quite travel friendly. Another good point about the packaging is that you can see the amount of product left so no “Oh I have to wash my hair but I am out of shampoo” situation.



The product is brownish watery liquid and it is much more runny than most anti dandruff shampoos I have used. I have used SLS and paraben free products before but they usually don’t smell that great as they don’t have any added fragrances but this shampoo to my pleasant surprise, smells nice. It has a really mild fragrance which doesn’t irritate or linger for too long.

The product doesn’t lather much because of lack of SLS so one you need more product than you would usually use and two, if you are like  me and have a habit of oiling your hair before you wash them then you might need to wash your hair a few times. The shampoo is really effective and you get results in a couple of washes. I usually switch to this when my hair are in a really bad situation and it does give me alot of relief from the irritated scalp. It cleans my scalp without drying out my hair which is always a concern when you are using anti-dandruff shampoos. Also, I am finding particularly useful during the summers as I have to wash my hair more often so the fact that it is quite mild and still does what it claims really helps.


All in all, I find it to be a good option if you are looking for chemical free shampoo that will help you with your dandruff situation. I would be lying if I say that I am a big fan of the consistency because it is just too liquid so difficult to manage and you basically end up using more product. But the only reason I am giving it a positive feedback is because it is giving positive results. I have a snobby scalp that doesn’t take a lot of time to show if it doesn’t like a product I am using but it’s safe to say that scalpy dearest is best friends with the Dear Earth Apple Cider Anti-Dandruff Shampoo.