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Deborah Milano 5 in 1 BB Cream: Review, Swatches and FOTD

When it comes to base makeup, 2013 was the year of alphabets…we had BB, then CC and even a DD. The market is flooded with BB creams particularly…so far I have picked up….Garnier, Maybelline, Ponds…and I ended up I picking two more the last time I went to Shopper’s Stop- One was the Revlon Photoready  BB cream which I am trying right now and the second was the Deborah Milano 5 in 1 BB cream which I am going to talk about today.

Price: Rs. 625 for 30 ml.
Deborah Milano 5 in 1 BB cream comes in a black tube packaging with a screw on cap. Very simple packaging…nothing complicated or fancy. Cap stays in place no matter what so its definitely travel friendly.

The product has very nice consistency. Its not too runny or thick, somewhat similar to a mousse foundation. It blends pretty easily…no need to take out your fancy brushes…your fingers would do just fine to get a nice smooth finish.
Its definitely not the most moisturising products out there so you do need to apply a moisturiser underneath it especially if you have a dry skin. It also has this faint floral fragrance which I personally love. Its not too strong and fades in a few seconds of application
There are 5 shades available for this product. The one I got is Apricot (04)…..which is a just a tad light then my usual skin tone but with the winters here, my complexion has lightened a little so it works just fine. Even though it has SPF 20, I did not see any whitish caste on my face… even passed the camera flash test 🙂
I love the coverage it gives. I can completely skip my concealer which I usually use to hide acne marks that I have on my cheeks when I use this BB cream. It basically gives me an even skin tone and medium to heavy coverage
Finish is quite matte but not the drying and pale kind of a matte which makes you look like a ghost so it looks very natural on the skin which is basically the whole point behind using a BB cream. 

Coming to the staying power, well it  is definitely one of the best things about this product. It doesn’t budge for almost 5-6 hours and I don’t see any shine on my forehead or cheeks for almost 4-5 hours

Overall, I would say that by far out of all the BB creams that I have used…I would certainly recommend this one for oily skin….with the matte finish, the oil control and the staying power…you are spared the headache of touch ups and shiny forehead. Dry skinned beauties and ladies out there who are not a big fan of matte finish can skip this one.

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