Deborah Milano Nail Polish Remover: Review

If you have been with this blog for a while, you would have probably guessed hat I am not so much of a nail product person. When it comes to my nails, I am just extra lazy and only get something done to them on a special occasion. I have been trying to change this habit of mine and take better care of my nails as getting those expensive gel extensions every time I have a party or a wedding to go to is taking a toll on both my nail bed and my wallet. I have started slow and the first change I have made is getting good quality products for my nails. One such investment is buying the Deborah Milano Nail Polish Remover

Price: Rs 450 for 120 ml


The Deborah Milano Nail Polish Remover comes in a nice plastic container and a screw on cap. The bottle doesn’t have a stopper which kinds of makes a little difficult to us.You have to be careful while dispensing it on the cotton or you might end up having a big nail polish remover accident.The The packaging is very sturdy and easy to carry around but I just wish there was a better mechanism to access the product.

Texture & Product

  The remover is a pink liquid and has a mild smell to it. I love the fact that the remover doesn’t smell strong or alcoholic like some of the other ones I have used before.

My Experience

I am someone who hates spending too much time or effort on my nails and this helps me maintain my nails with minimum effort. It works pretty fast and removes multiple layer of mail paint with ease. I was also surprised to see how effective it was against glitter mail polishes which are usually a pain to get rid of.

I have not noticed any dryness or residue around the nails with this one. It doesn’t take alot of product to remove all the residue.I usually have to use one splash on cotton per hand for normal nail paint and two for glitter ones.

Final Verdict

My nails are average, not too healthy and I am not really someone who is into extravagant nail art so I have very basic expectation from a nail polish remover and this product performed better than I imagined. It saves me he effort going over my nails again and again, doesn’t dry out my cuticles or leave my hands smelling like I dipped them in alcohol. Overall, this is a good product to own if you are like me and want a fuss free product then I would suggest buying the Deborah Milano Nail Polish Remover

Have you used the Deborah Milano Nail Polish Remover?

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