Deborah Milano Perfect Eyebrow Kit: Review & Swatches

If I am not wrong, around 5-6 years back I don’t remember looking at any eyebrow products in the market except for the kajal pencil thingy Lakme retailed.It is obviously a different scenario right now and we are totally spoilt for choice. The last post I did on an eyebrow kit was for a product that was not available in India so I decided to explore options easily available here. The first product I picked was the¬†Deborah Milano Perfect Eyebrow Kit and today I am going to talk about it on the blog ūüôā


Price: Rs 895

The Deborah Milano Perfect Eyebrow Kit comes in a plastic packaging with a transparent lid. The kit has two brow powders and brow wax along with a pair of tweezers, a spooly and an angular brush. The packaging on the whole is very sturdy and with all these small elements doing touch ups on the go is quite easy so  its safe to say that the kit is pretty travel friendly. The only thing I feel that could have made this kit better is a small mirror.





The two shades of brow powders available in the kit are both brown based РOne is a little brick brown while the other is more of taupe.  I always prefer using brown based products for eyebrows because they just end up making the eye brows look more natural. The wax on the other hand helps in setting the eyebrows once you have filled them with the eye shadows.


The brow powders are smooth and not chalky. Pigmentation is a bit on the lower side so you have to build the intensity. I would have appreciated a bit more pigmentation but I as it is have the tendency to build the color in brows in multiple strokes so eventually I do get a nice finish. The thing I like the most about the kit is that it has to colors so you can mix them together to get the exact shade of your brows and this is not something I have seen in any other kit. The wax doesn’t make your brows stiff or sticky, instead it just helps in keeping them in place for a longer duration.


The tweezers and the brushes that come with the kit are definitely a good thing for travel purposes but they are really tiny so on regular days I prefer applying everything using my normal brushes. They are perfect for emergencies but it is definitely a task to work with them on a daily basis.


All in all, this is a decent kit and has all the components you need to get the perfect brows. I particularly really like the wax in this kit and the good thing is that the two variants of brow powders can give you the freedom of mixing them to create the shade that matches your brows. It is pretty travel friendly and easily available in India so if you are looking to invest in a good eyebrow kit, this is a great option.