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Deborah Milano Shine & Volume Lipstick in Shade 6: Review, Swatches & FOTD

Shine and Volume are the last words that I would ever use for a lipstick. I mean seriously, if you use these for lipsticks what will the poor advertisers for hair products do. Any how, I really wanted to try something Deborah Milano but did not get a chance to visit their outlet so I took the help of the internet, Googled a little and after like 20 minutes placed an order for my first product from this brand….no points for guessing that it was a lipstick.
Price: Rs 595 for 4 gms
Deborah Milano Shine & Volume Lipsticks come in this silver and pink packaging. I like the packaging as it is quite sturdy. The cap has this small locking mechanism kind of a thing due to presence of grooves so you don’t have to worry about the cap opening when you carry it around.

The texture of the lipstick remind me of a lip balm and I am not exaggerating. It has such soft, buttery texture that it just glides on your lips.It’s also really moisturizing, so I don’t really wear a lip balm under it. Thankfully this one did not bleed neither did it feather but it definitely transfers alot

I got the shade 6 from this range. Shade 6 is a peachy pink shade with very very small silver shimmer particles. The shimmer is subtle and it kind of gives the lipstick the shine that you usually see in lip glosses. Its a really pretty shade but unfortunately because I ordered it online and did not swatch it on my own, I discovered that it washes me out

When it comes to pigmentation, the lipstick is a little disappointing. Its gives you a very sheer coverage on a single swipe and even after like 2-3  swipes, I struggled to see the actual color. Staying power is also rather average. It stays on me for like 2 hours and fade soon after. It doesn’t leave any tint behind but it does leave lips feeling very moisturized . 

The one thing that really annoyed me is that the lipstick tends to melt very easily. I carried the lipstick around for a day and when came back and opened it to reapply it, the lipstick was all over the place and as soon as I applied it to my lips, the bullet broke into two pieces so  now I keep refrigerated and use a brush to apply it.

This is how it looks on me ๐Ÿ™‚

Overall, I was left a little disappointed with this lipstick. I understand that the shade selection was my fault but the quality of the lipstick in general was not at all impressive and I definitely had higher expectation from this brand. 
Have you tried the Shine and Volume range of lipsticks from Deborah Milano?
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