Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Call it the after effect of reading BLINK but I have lately been giving alot of thought about thoughts and beliefs.
Our brain is like a magnet. Just like a magnet attracts iron no matter whether its useful or useless, our brain is unbiased and neutral towards absorbing everything that goes around us
(so much for being primates with the most developed brain :P)
So while you can’t really help what you think you definitely can choose what you want to believe in πŸ™‚
Just because when you are interacting with someone, and he/she “paused, even for a second,” don’t assume that you must have said something wrong or upset the other person in some way. 
Don’t fill your mind with anxiety and don’t let your brain run in endless loops, asking numerous questions, criticizing yourself, questioning your worth and envisioning various responses in an attempt to alleviate your discomfort. 
Things are not as complicated as we think they are, so don’t try and justify being negative as being realistic. 
Believe that you are happy and you will be happy.Take chances, be optimistic, so what if you think you will fail, believe in yourself and I am sure you will succeed

  • hi aparajita… very truly said dear… the truth is that all is in the mind. we have this tendency of forming perception abt ppl and things whom we do not know properly… u write very beautifully… keep it up πŸ™‚

  • Aparajita

    Thank alot Supriya…
    yup…its totally in the mind…you can either create boundaries for yourself or believe in yourself and create history πŸ™‚