Do’s and Don’ts of winter skin care and the Vivel Cell Renew Contest!!!

December is just a day away and we are heading towards some very low temperatures in a few days. One thing that suffers the most during winters is your skin. It is obviously the largest and a very important organ of your body so you obviously need to give it some extra care and take some extra precautions.

So today I am sharing some of my basic do’s and don’t for the winter season

The Do’s
  • Moisturize:  Even though I have an oily skin, I don’t treat it as an excuse to not moisturize, instead I just use a gel-cream or lotion formula. 
  • Separate moisturizer and face and body: Well I know its sounds stupid but there is always a difference in your facial and body skin type. Different skin type means different moisturizers.
  • Exfoliate: In summers I usually follow this one in two weeks but in winters I try and exfoliate once a week to get rid of the dead and dry skin. As I am increasing frequency of exfoliation, I try and use a mild scrub preferably a home made one. 
  • Extra care for hand and feet: Unlike my facial skin which is a complete oil rig, my hand and skin get dry very easily. The problem gets even worse as the temperature drops so extra care is essential which I give them by investing in a good hand and foot cream and moisturizing them regularly.
  • Drink lots of water: We usually have a tendency to avoid drinking water in winters so I just a reminder on my phone to make sure I drink enough of it
The Don’ts
  • Super hot baths: As much as we love having those hot water showers as the temperature drops, I try and avoid using very hot water as it just dries out the skin. Also I make sure that I never use hot water for my face. Its either lukewarm or cold.
  • Washing hands too often:  Ok by this I definitely don’t mean compromise on hygiene but its just that the skin on the hands is a lot thinner than the rest of the body so I try to avoid excessive washing and when I do I either use a gentle soap with lukewarm.
  • Going Hot and Cold:  We don’t really realize it but its not just the extreme climate changes that affect our skin but it also gets affected the micro-climatic changes. I try and avoid coming indoors where it’s warm or the heater is on and then going back out in the cold and also sitting right in front of the heater just before going out into the cold.
Now lets talk about the contest
Vivel is giving away thirty 250 ml Vivel Fortify + Repair Body Cell Renew Body Lotion for the next 10 days. This contest is divided into three parts, the first of which starts today ( 29 November, 2013) and will ends on Sunday (1 December, 2013). I shall be announcing 10 winners and the second part of the contest on 2nd December

In order to win the body lotion all you need to do is have a valid Indian address and answer the simple question:  

What are your winter skin care do’s and don’ts?

Leave your answers with your email id in the comments below.
Also, please read the terms and conditions of the contest here.
All the best!!!