Durga Puja 2012

Hi Guys,
Yes its that time of the year again which every bong eagerly waits for and looks forward too…
For those who still don’t know what I am talking about….well I am talking about Durga Puja…which coincided with the Navratras. It is believed that its the time of the year when Maa Durga visits her maternal home (i.e. the earth) and is the biggest festival celebrated by us bengalis 😀

As I have mentioned in an earlier post…I live in a society where we are 360 bengali families living together and our society organizes one of the biggest puja in the area .So the enthusiasm that begins with preparation of the festival( by which I obviously mean shopping 😉 ), the construction of the puja ‘pandals’ (BTW every year there is a new theme and there is also a competition for the same), continues when we go and visit all the other ‘Pandals’, eat delicious food, participate in various games and activities and finally end on the day of Dusshera….with Durga Visarjan

While I know that there is nothing like Kolkata during these four days — Delhi is definitely not far behind.Chittranjan Park is our very own “mini Kolkata” in the capital and like every year each and every corner of this South Delhi neighborhood is buzzing with people visiting the different puja pandals. 

These are some of the beautiful pandals that I visited in C.R. Park today

I found the hand print idea really cute 🙂
Co-operative Pandal
The work inside Co-operative Pandal…isn’t it pretty?
Bamboo decorations inside Co-operative Pandal
The Co-operative Idol

B-block Pandal
loved the work on the ceiling
B-Block Idol
Pocket K

Pocket 40
Mela ground
I am looking forward to the next three days even more now…. 🙂
and I hope you guys are enjoying the festivities as much as I am