E.L.F Angled Foundation Brush: Review

Nothing makes me more happy than a good makeup based bargain and my happiness knows no bounds when I come across affordable makeup tools. I think my fellow makeup enthusiasts will agree when I say that makeup tools particularly cost as much as the product so if I come across a bargain on makeup brushes, I know I have to try them out. One such buy was the E.L.F Angled Brush Foundation which I got delivered to my relatives in U.K because like many good drugstore brands, E.L.F is not easily available in India.

Price: $4

The E.L.F  Angled Foundation Brush is a completely black with a black wooden body, black ferrule and black bristles. The brush has an angled shaped with bristles packed tightly and it also comes with a plastic casing to protect it.

The bristles are quite tightly packed together and it has a pretty flat surface that helps you to get an even finish around tricky areas like edge and corners of the nose or around the lips and the eyes. The bristles are synthetic but do not irritate the skin or feel rough.

Now while I was really into foundation brushes when I bought this , I don’t use it for applying foundation anymore as I am addicted to my beauty blender for that at the moment but I definitely reach out for it when I have to blend out a concealer or if I am trying to contour my face.¬†The shape of the brush actually makes it perfect to get the right contour especially in the nose area

Overall, I think this is a good brush if you are a beginner and want to learn how to blend your foundation or concealer using a brush. I don’t use it as a foundation brush but it does come handy in the contouring area so if you are not looking for a foundation brush but you are looking for a budget friendly contouring brush then this is a good option.