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EcoTools Six Piece Essential Eye Set: Review

Hi Ladies,
If you follow me on Facebook, you would know that I had placed an order with a few days back. While I was super excited to receive my package that excitement jumped right out of the window when I had to pay customs which was almost equal to the price of my package 🙁
Anyways, while I don’t really plan to place any more orders with this website, I am going to review this really  awesome brush set from EcoTools that I got from there. 
I always wanted to try EcoTools brushes but never got around buying them simply because they were not available. I know some of you bought them from eBay but I read a couple of posts about how they turned out to be fake so I refrained myself. But when I saw them on iherb, I just had to get them and I did 😀

Price: $ 7.22

The EcoTools Six Piece Essential Eye set comes in a cut little zip pouch with 5 essential eye brushes in it..yup that’s how its a six piece set…5 brushes and a pouch…somebody needs to rename this…who counts the pouch in a set :p

Here are the five brushes that came in this set:

  • Large Eye Brush
  • Angled Crease Brush
  • Petite Eye Shading Brush
  • Highlighting Brush
  • Smudge Brush
I love the packaging. The zip pouch looks really cute and is so easy to carry around, and its just perfect when you have to travel

Coming to the brushes, the size of the brushes is pretty much of a standard ball pen. The bristles are really soft and they did not shed  when I washed them before and after I used them. The brush handle is made of bamboo and has the company logo and the name of the brush printed on it. I wish the handle was a bit longer in length as the present size restricts control.
Large Eye Brush
As the name suggest, its a big eye shadow brush which a big plus when you are in a hurry and plan to apply only one color on your eye lids. Its dense enough to pick up the right amount of color  but yes you need to be careful when using it so that you end up with eye shadow every where.

Angled Crease Brush
This is my favorite brush in this set. Its an angled brush that helps you to apply the color right into your crease without any effort. Though I do prefer my crease brush to be a little less dense and not this wide so that I can build up the intensity. It definitely takes a little practice to use this one.

Petite Eye Shading Brush
Its the kid( more of an infant version) of the big eye shadow brush.  It helps you to pick the right amount of color and place it right where you want unlike the big brush which basically covers your whole eyelid at one go.I do prefer this one when I have time at hand and I working with more than one color.

Highlighting Brush
Though in the set the brush is mentioned as a highlighting brush, it works really well as a blending brush for me. The density and the shape is perfect for blending eye shadow and I find myself using it more often for blending then  for highlighting.

Smudge Brush
This brush for me has multiple uses. Its not stiff enough to work as a smudge brush so i use it to add color to my crease, outer corner, lower lash line and inner corner. The shape gives me alot of control in terms of applying or mixing colors.

I do feel that the brushes are too small in length so you need a little practice of using them but other than that there is nothing not to love about them. I definitely see me carrying these around often.