Elizabeth Taylor White Diamond Gift Set: Review

Opening wedding presents is the most annoying thing I have ever done. I mean I have a bunch of appliances that I don’t need or already have, show pieces for home that don’t match the house decor, wrist watch sets from the 19th century and don’t even get me started about the dozens of sarees that I have no space to keep. The only thing that made me happy in this whole process filled with wrapping paper and tape sticking all over the place was coming across gifts that I could actually use. One of the useful gifts was this beautiful gift set from the Elizabeth Taylor White Diamond range which I have been using for a couple of weeks and now that I have used all the products it for a good amount of time, I decided it was time for a quick review.


Price: It’s a gift so I am not sure ( please let me know if you do)

The Elizabeth Taylor White Diamond Gift set comes in a beautiful golden cardboard packaging and each of the products are packed really securely inside the box. The set includes Eau De Toilette Spray, A smaller version of the EDT, Perfumed Body Cream and Perfumed Body Wash. I am going to talk about the packaging of these products individually later in the post. The set overall has a beautiful packaging and looks great especially if you are looking for a beautiful look gifting option.




 Now lets talk about the products individually. I am going to start with the fragrances which will be followed by the bath and body products.

Eau De Toilette

The EDT comes in a glass bottle with a golden cap that has silver sequence band on the neck. I wouldn’t the packaging is the best packaging I have ever seen for a perfume and the quality is definitely a little flimsy especially the cap but overall it is sturdy. The size of the bottle and the fact it’s a glass bottle doesn’t make it the most travel friendly packaging.


In terms of the fragrance, the initial notes that hit you are a mix of very strong floral scents. You also get a little bit of musky scent once he fragrance has settled a little. The packaging mentioned that it has oakmoss and sandalwood fragrances which did not show up at all.



To be honest, I did not really like the fragrance as soon as I applied it because initially they smelled like soap but then fragrance settled into more musky tones which smelled better. I think it is a fragrance that gets better only after warming on the skin but it does turn to appear bit strong initially. I also like the fact that it stays on for quite a while and gets better the longer you wear it.



Perfumed Body Wash

The body wash comes in a white tube packaging with a screw on cap. It is a pearly white product with quite a creamy texture. It looks more like a face wash rather than a body wash and because the consistency is on the thicker side, the quantity you need to enjoy a nice lathered bath is a little more than usual.  The product has a very strong musky  fragrance which vanishes very quickly once you are done using the product and I did not really see any kind of unusual dryness after using the body wash. I so like the creamy texture because I usually switch to creamy body wash during winters however I do like it when the fragrances of my bathing products linger around which doesn’t happen with this body wash.




Perfumed Body Cream

The body cream comes in a very similar packaging as the body wash and the only way to distinguish them is to read the label. The cream has a nice thick texture but it spreads and gets absorbed very easily. The fragrance again is a little bit on the muskier side and unlike the body wash the fragrance lasts for a while. The cream feels really light on the skin and doesn’t leave behind any kind of oiliness behind. The only downside of this cream is that it doesn’t keep dryness at bay for a very long time and you have to reapply it every now and then. I have started using it as a hand cream of sorts and it works really well for me particularly the non greasy property makes it the perfect solution for my dry hands.





Overall, I think it is a decent gift set with some nice products in it. I wouldn’t say I love the fragrance as I like my perfumes to be either sweet sometimes with a hint of citrus to it and personally I think the musky notes appeal to more matured age group which proved to be true when the ladies I know from the ” matured” age group ( read mommy, mommy in law and a couple of aunts) went all gaga over the EDT as soon they had a whiff of it.   Basically, a good options for maybe mother’s day gift or if you are looking for something for your mommy, mommy in law and all the mommy like figures in your life.