Embroidered Birthday Card For Mom’s Birthday!!!

So yesterday was my mom’s birthday and as usual apart from all the gifts that we buy for her, a handmade card is a must. Now when you are making handmade cards for almost everyone, every year…you kind of go into the “what should I make this year that would now make them go wow” mode. 

When I making cards, I am into frilly, fancy pop up colorful ones but this time I came across something very simple yet beautiful and decided to re-create for my mommy. At that time I wasn’t really aware what a pain making this one turn into. Basically, I created this embroidered card this time. It was nothing frilly or fancy but boy…I can’t even begin describing the amount of patience it took to complete it, not to forget the infinite times I pricked my fingers working with the needle. Thankfully , I was sane enough to pick up a simple design.

Here’s what I created

I was panning to weave the leaves as well but by the time I was done with the petals I had no time left and I somehow like the combination of paints and thread.

What do you think?

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