EOS Visibly Soft Lasting Hydration Lip Care in Cucumber Melon: Review

Since I stumbled upon the international  brands of makeup, EOS was one brand that I always wanted to try.  So when I saw the cute egg shaped lip balms on the Walmart aisle, I knew I had to stock up. So today we are going to talk about the EOS Visibly Soft Lasting Hydration Lip Care in Cucumber Melon.

Price: $3.29 for 0.25 oz


I was obviously super happy about the packaging. The egg shaped plastic packaging is what this brand is known for. it is a tad bit unconventional and gets loads of attention every time I take it out of my bag. The lip balm doesn’t take a lot of space so quite travel friendly. It is very sturdy and because the cap is a screw on variant, their is no chance of any accidents.

 Texture & Product

The texture of the lip balm is very light-weight. It does not feel waxy or heavy on the lips. This lip balm is pearly white in appearance however, on lips it goes on completely clear.

It has a sweet in taste and leaves a cooling sensation on the lips post application. The fragrance is quite fruity so I would say it true to its name.

My Experience

In terms of the efficacy of the product, it does provide instant hydration to the lips. It does fulfill its claim of giving visibly soft lips and prevents chapped lips from drying out any further. It is my go to lip balm to wear under my lipsticks as it is not too waxy. I usually reapply my lip balm every time I reapply my lip color and hate the lip balms that just sit on my lips making it almost impossible to get any lip color or lipstick on them.

Having said that, it is definitely not the best lip balm I have ever used and if you have really dry lips, this might not do the needful.

Final Verdict

 Love everything about this lip balm. The packaging is adorable, the texture is perfect and the fragrance is amazing. It looks sitting on my side table and always gets that “Aww, what a cute little thing” reaction. It keeps my lips soft without messing too much with my lipsticks. Availability in India is a challenge though I did see it on Flipkart a few days back.

Overall, do try it if you can get your hands on it. Its a nice little lipbalm and and a must buy if you are a fan of products that come in cute packaging like I am.

Have you used the EOS Lip Balms?

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Fun Fact: I just discovered that EOS stands for Evolution Of Smooth