Essence The Gel Nail Polish in Perfect Match: Review and Swatch

Nail Polishes are not something that I tend to focus a lot on my blog because I am not really a nail polish person so when I do review a nail paint, it is usually something really great or really bad.  I was recently gifted some products from Essence by my sister-in-law from her recent trip to Europe and one of the product I was instantly attracted to was the Essence The Gel Nail Polish in the shade Perfect Match. Read on to find out if it was featured because it was great or a total fail.

Price: $1.99 for 0.27 oz

The Essence Gel Nail Polish comes in a transparent cylindrical bottle with a wider bottom with the cap that is the same color as the shade. The packaging is nothing fancy but its sturdy and the bottle holds up even though I ended up dropping it quite a bit.

Essence Perfect Match is a muted brownish pink shade and to be honest, I would have never picked this shade for myself but I am glad she chose this color because it is an absolutely gorgeous shade.  The formula of the nail paint is nice and a single coat gives you a nice opaque layer on your nails. It is a lighter shade than I usually wear but I am kind of like how bright and cheerful the color looks on me.

I had high expectation from the nail paint because it read gel nail polish and gel polishes are supposed to last longer. Usually, if I do not see any chipping for the first few days then a nail paint gets a thumbs up from me and this nail paint lasted on my nails almost a whole week. I saw a little bit of chipping towards the beginning of the fifth day and that too because I decided to do the dishes without gloves.

Overall, I really do love the nail paint and it did last longer than most of the nail polishes I own. I am aware that gel nail polishes need UV light to cure them but these are giving me the same benefits without any of the additional work. I am looking forward to getting my hands on a few more shades from this range and definitely start featuring more nail products on the blog.