Essence Liquid Lipstick in Peach Party: Review and Swatch

One of my first resolutions of 2016 was to make sure that I do not end up buying stuff and not using it because when I was packing my bags before the wedding, I found a bag full of product I hadn’t tried and had expired.  I did a mini haul during my vacation to Thailand and I am halfway reviewing all the stuff I bought. One of the products dying to try the moment I landed back in India was the stuff I had bought from Essence. Essence is one more brand that you can’t find easily in India and even if you do, it is a complete miracle if you can find a shade selection. Boots in Thailand on the other hand was a total heaven for me and swatched away to glory. The first product I tested was the Essence Liquid Lipstick in the shade Peach Party.


Price: $4 for 4 ml

Essence Liquid Lipsticks come in cute chubby little square glass tube with a plastic cap that has the applicator attached to it. I love the fact that the packaging is small, sturdy and totally travel friendly. The tube is transparent proves to be very useful if you have more than one shades from the range. The applicator has a doe-foot shape with a pointed end. It does remind of the applicator that usually comes with most lip glosses. I like the pointed end because it comes pretty handy in applying the product near the edges of the lips.



Even though the product says it is a liquid lipstick, the texture isn’t like one. Most liquid lipsticks tend to have a velvety matte formula but Essence liquid lipsticks are more thicker, tad sticky and almost remind me of lip glosses from MAC and Sephora. It has this citrusy fragrance that totally reminds me of a nice glass of chilled lemonade.


The thick texture makes application a little difficult and you have to learn to work with wand in order to prevent getting a patchy finish. Thicker texture means you need to give your lips a little bit of TLC before applying the lipstick. The product feels pretty moist on the lips so I was surprised to see minimum transfer and there was no feathering or bleeding as well.


Coming to the shade, Peach Party is a beautiful coral pink with slightly orange undertones. It looks more pink in the bottle but you clearly see the orange undertones on the lips. I was soo happy to pick up this shade because it looked like the perfect bright summery shade but turns out it washes me out completely.  The coral is more fluorescent so it would work well for someone with a skin tone of NC 35 – 37 but would wash out anything above NC 40 so basically it is not suitable for most Indian skintones.

The lipsticks are quite pigmented and you get a good coverage with a single layer. Staying power is around 3-4 hours but it doesn’t survive meals.  The lipstick starts to fade away evenly so you don’t end up with a situation where you have product on the outlines of your lips plus it leaves a pretty pink tint behind.


Overall, I like really like the lipstick but I am soo bummed that it washes me out. I have used quite a bit of liquid lipsticks lately and this is one of the more pocket friendly options out there. I am kicking myself for not picking up the darker shades that might have been more suitable for my skin tone so now I wear a darker lip pencil under it and then wear the liquid lipstick on it. Availability is another issue but if you end up finding essence products in a store, do check out the liquid lipsticks.