Fab India Avocado Face Wash: Review

I have reviewing quite a few products from Fab India this year and I plan to continue the trend with the new face wash I started trying a few weeks back. This was not really something I bought but more of a gift but then again, as a beauty blogger it is my duty to test every product available around me. Without taking to much and time and space with the introduction, I am just going to let you know that the product I am  going to review on the blog today is the Fab India Avocado Face Wash ( not that I needed to write this after reading the header of the post :p) .


Price: Rs 240 for 120 ml.

The Fab India Avocado Face Wash comes in a opaque plastic tube packaging with flip open top. I have used Fab India face washes before and I always like how sturdy and easy to use the packaging is. I usually do not trust flip top caps but the ones that come with these face washes do not budge and I have no hassles or concerns taking them around with me.



The face wash is pearly white product with a slightly runny consistency. The face wash lathers really well so all you need is a pea size drop for your entire face. It has a very mild fragrance to it just enough to make washing your face a pleasant experience without overwhelming you.

The face wash has a very mild cleansing effect on the skin and doesn’t leave any kind of film like feeling or greasiness behind. I have tried alot of face washes from Fab India and other brands but this face wash is by far the mildest product I have used. I do not get that stretchy feeling that usually follows after you have washed your face so on days that my skin is feeling extra dry and stretchy, I use this.


I was finding myself getting inclined towards this face wash alot during the past few weeks when the weather was all bi-polar and my skin was going crazy. It is definitely a good option for people who have dry skin while oily or oily combination skin type can switch to this during the colder weathers. I wouldn’t suggest this to be used all year for my oily skinned sisters because it is just to mild to counter the overflow of sebum we all ave during the warmer and humid days.