Fab India Lemon Intensive Hand Cream: Review

So a few days back I did a small haul from Fabindia. Now I have
been a big fan of Fabindia clothing but never really tried their skin care
range. This time I skipped the apparel section (it was soo difficult…:( ) and picked up an aloe
vera based eye cream, a charcoal based face pack and a lemon based hand cream.
I am still testing the eye cream and the face pack but I have been using the FabIndia
Lemon Intensive Hand Cream
for a while now and today I going to talk about it.

Price: Rs. 195 for 120 ml.

FabIndia Lemon Intensive Hand Cream comes in a tube
with a flip on cap. The packaging is pretty simple, hygienic and sturdy
but it becomes a little difficult to get the product out when you are half way
through the tube.

The product itself is a thick white cream with a weird
citrusy fragrance
. I was obviously expecting the citrusy fragrance because of
the name but this fragrance took me by surprise….it almost smells like the lemon
based dishwasher we use at home :p. The fragrance is pretty strong but it fades
after a couple of minutes
of application but I always try to keep my hands as far
away as possible from my nose for atleast the first few minutes.

The texture of the cream is smooth but it feels a little
. It spreads pretty easily so a
pea size drop is enough to moisturise your hands.

Because the texture is so thick, it takes a few seconds to
get absorbed
into the skin but once the cream is completely absorbed you don’t
have any oily residue or sticky feelings
. I did notice a little bit of sweating
but nothing major and it the sweating feeling vanishes after a few seconds.

The lasting power is pretty decent. I don’t have to re-
apply it for almost 3-4 hours but yes it doesn’t survive a hand wash even minus
the soap.The company does claim that the presence of lemon ensures lightening
of skin however I did not notice any such change.

Overall, I quite like the hand cream. It’s a budget friendly
that delivers most of what it claims. I just wish the fragrance was a
little different but thankfully it doesn’t last to long so I don’t hold it
against the product.

Have you tried this hand cream?

Does the funny fragrance bother you too?
Share with me by commenting below 🙂