FabIndia Charcoal Face Pack: Review

One of the biggest disadvantages of having an oily skin is that it’s a dirt and bacteria magnet. You always have to be a little cautious with it and go an extra bit to cleanse it properly. Charcoal is a perfect ingredient when you are looking for some deep cleansing. It’s quite porous which basically helps it to act like a magnet and absorb all and every kind impurities from skin. 
Unfortunately charcoal based products is not something you find easily in India so when I saw this tub of charcoal face pack during my last visit to the Fab India store, I knew I had to grab it and today I am going to talk about it…so read on 🙂

Price: Rs 250 for 100 ml

The Fab India charcoal face pack comes in a simple white plastic tub screw on cap. Apart from the cap, it also has a lid that prevents the face pack from leaking out of the tub. As I have mentioned time and again, I don’t like tub packaging especially if they come without a spatula. Nonetheless, the packaging is sturdy and pretty travel friendly even though a tube would have been less bulky :p

The face pack has looks pretty scary with its dark grey color and paste like texture but it has this fresh citrusy fragrance. Thankfully unlike the fragrance of the lemon hand cream, the face pack has the pleasant kind of citrusy fragrance.

The consistency of the pack is a little thick so you have to either put some water in it or wet your face a little before application. It dries up pretty quickly, almost within a few minutes so what I like to do with it is apply a thin layer first and once it starts drying, apply another layer and then let it dry. This increases the drying time to almost 10-15 minutes and the effect is much better.  

The pack gives a very pleasant cooling sensation overall and a mild tingling sensation on areas where you have acne. The tingling sensation is nothing serious and it subsides after a few minutes. 
The after effects of the face pack are great as it leaves my skin feeling soft, fresh and clean. Some clay masks leave the skin feeling stretchy and dry which is not something that I experienced with this face pack. I also observed that it worked really well on the areas where I had acne or was developing some acne. It reduced the redness and I could see acne subsiding in size. The effect however doesn’t last for too long which is certainly a disappointment.
Overall, it’s a good product. I wasn’t disappointed by it but it did not really get any wow reactions from me. It does what it claims but I do wish the effects lasted a little longer. Also, I usually suggest dry skinned beauties to stay away from clay mask but this one is quite mild so it would suit them as well. It’s obviously a perfect and budget friendly option when it comes to using a face pack in the deep cleansing routine for normal, oily and combination skin.
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