Fabindia Honey & Frankincense Face Wash: Review

When I was in college I was obsessed with Fab India so much so that my friends used to call me a FabIndia franchise :P. FabIndia is one of my go to brand these days for skin care products and the latest addition to my skin care routine is the FabIndia Honey & Frankincense Face Wash. I am a bit of a snob when it comes to trying new face washes and have a long list of requirements from it which most face washes usually fail to fulfill.


Price: Rs 185 for 120 ml

The Face wash comes in a plastic tube with a flip top cap. I like the fact that the body of the tube is very flexible so I don’t have to put in much effort to get the product but the flip top cap is not the most reliable so I am always extra careful when I carry it around.



The product itself is a runny transparent liquid with a slight peachy hue to it. The face wash smells more like sandalwood than honey which is something I really like but it can be a little strong at times so people with sensitive noses need to consider that. The face wash lathers up quite quickly and gives me a good of lather which is something I like in my face washes.


In terms of the cleaning my face part, I am totally in love with this product. The reason most face washes disappoint me is that they either turn out to be good for my oily t zone leaving the rest of my face absolutely dry or they clean the normal parts of my faces and I still feel that my t-zone is oily but with this face wash I found the perfect balance. It cleans my face just enough to not leave it dry and I don’t feel that my t-zone is still oily . I am particularly liking the effect it has on my skin right now when the weather is changing and my skin is all over the place and a little more dry than usual.

Overall, I like the product a lot and I have switched to it from my trusted Himalaya Neem Facewash without any regrets. I love the fragrance and the nice clean and moisturized face it leaves behind.I think it is a great product if you have a dry, normal or combination skin but ladies out their with oily skin but find it to be a little ineffective.