Fabindia Tea Tree Face Wash: Review

Tea tree is definitely an oily girls best friend. I have a combination oily skin which a little more moody and takes a little bit more effort in every part of skin care but yes tea tree is one ingredient that has made my life really easy so I try to include it as much as i can in my daily skin care routine. The latest addition to the long list of tea tree products I used is the Fabindia Tea Tree Face Wash.


Price: Rs 240 for 120 ml

The Fabindia tea tree face wash comes in a simple green and white plastic tube with a flip open cap. The packaging is fuss free, travel friendly and totally hygienic to use so full points to the product in the packaging department.



The face wash is a colorless liquid with a greenish tinge to it. The consistency is actually easy to work with because it is neither too thick or too runny. In terms of fragrance, it smells of tea tree which I like but it can be a little overwhelming for someone who is not used to such a strong fragrance. The fragrance doesn’t linger for a few seconds when you are using the product and vanishes as soon as you are done.


I wouldn’t say it lathers a lot but it lathers enough to give you a nice clean face. It doesn’t leave film like feeling behind which I have experienced in a couple of face washes I have used before and neither does it leave my face extremely dry or stretchy. It just removes the excessive sebum from the face and leaves it supple enough to give you time to follow it up with your moisturizer though I do feel it might a little drying for any dry skinned girl out there.


Final verdict is quite positive for this product.I have been total Himalaya Neem Face Wash girl for as long as I can remember but this is definitely a product that I can see replacing it. I haven’t any kind of drying issue with this one and it effectively helps in removing the excess oil from my face without drying out the normal areas. The fragrance might be an issue for some so take a whiff from the sample tube in the store before you buy it and do stay away from it of you have the dry skin. Totally recommended for ladies out there with oily, combination oily or normal skin looking for a good oil controlling face wash.