The Face Shop Sheet Masks: Review

Last week was one of the most relaxing weekends I had in a very long time because one…my dear husband a.k.a the sailor boy is back after months and it was a long weekend. While most people try to take a small trip to utilize the long weekend, my husband and I decided to chill like an old married couple the whole weekend. I also took these 4 days to give my skin some much required TLC and coupled it up with testing the ten different sheet masks I had bought from The Face Shop.

Price: Rs 100 per sheet (Available on Nykaa)


The Face Shop Sheet Masks come in a matte paper packet with a water-proof inside to keep the mask moist. The packet has the details of the ingredients and the specific skin type/skin issues the mask is supposed to tackle. The packaging is nothing fancy but completely effective so you can easily travel with them without any hassles.

The Product

The sheet itself is made up of cotton and is soaked in the face mask solution. It has cutouts for your eyes and lips along with cuts to help in stretching and covering the whole face. As the mask is covered with the solution, it is a little difficult to actually unfold it and you have to be pretty patient and careful so that you do not end up tearing it.

How To Use

As per the directions on the packaging, you need to prep your skin a bit before applying the mask for maximum effect. The instructions suggest washing the face followed by exfoliating the skin using a mild scrub to open the pores and then applying the mask. I usually keep the mask on for around 10-15 minutes post which I remove the sheet, ash my face with just water and close the pores using my favourite toner.

My Experience

Each mask has a different core ingredient that tackles a different skin problem so I tried to buy the ones that would work for my skin type. I did try and distinguish the effect of each skin mask and correlate it with the description mentioned on the packaging but to be honest most of them gave my skin the same effect. The only thing that changed with each mask was the fragrance which did match the core ingredient but otherwise, the overall effect was pretty similar.

Each mask gave me a refreshed and hydrated face that felt softer and looked brighter. I did not really see any brightening effect that the lemon mask offered or the extreme hydration that the aloe vera mask claimed to provide. Don’t get me wrong, these are really good sheet masks that revived my skin instantly particularly after a long day but that is all it did. I to be honest, did not have too much expectation because sheet masks have a very limited effect in general but I just wanted to see if they were at-par with the some of my other favourite sheet mask and I am happy to say The Face Shop Masks did not disappoint.

Final Verdict

All in all, I would say the Face Shop masks are a good and a pocket-friendly addition to someone who likes no fuss products. The sheets give a nice brightening and hydrating effect to the skin within 15 minutes so it is pretty much everything a girl on the go can ask for from skin care product.

Which is your favourite sheet mask?

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