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Faraway Music: Book Review

Hey everyone,
Today I am going to talk about a book that I stumbled upon while aimlessly walking around Crosswords. It took me a while to complete reading this book.why?? well I’ll answer that a little later.

But first lets talk a little about the book and its author. Faraway Music ( what a beautiful name) is the story of Piya Choudhary. Loved and indulged by her mother and grandparents, but haunted by the mysterious absence of her father, Piya grows up in Kolkata, a gifted and impetuous child who pursues her studies with the same passion as she does her first few adolescent crushes, until a savage encounter leaves her repulsed.
She moves to Mumbai hoping to become a journalist and falls deeply in love with her editor, Abir. Years later, she is settled in New York, married to a renowned artist who helps her find herself creatively, setting her free in the process. Liberated, successful, dynamic, and a writer of international acclaim, Piya has everything she’s ever wanted, until she is revisited by her past.
The author, Sreemoyee Piu Kundu has used alot of her own experiences as a journalist and later as a PR head while developing the character of Piya and I do have to applaud the way she has done that not only for the protagonist but even the other characters in the story however her narration is a bit weak. The story lacks the pace required to keep you interested. I had to put in alot of effort to read the first few chapters after which the story became a little interesting only to end at a boring note.I did enjoy reading certain parts of the book, but the overall narration has failed to leave an impact on me.

Overall verdict, the book is alright, nothing exceptional, and its not a book that you must have on your reading list.