Forest Essentials Madurai Jasmine & Mogra Silkening Shower Gel Wash: Review

I had never understood the concept of shower gels till I started using them and now I can’t survive without them. I have lately become a shower gel snob (if that is even a term) and love to indulge in different fragrances depending on the season. One of my favorite fragrances to buy when the weather becomes a little nippy is floral so for this winter season, I bought the Forest Essentials Madurai Jasmine & Mogra Silkening Shower Gel Wash.

Price: Rs for 200 ml


The Forest Essentials Madurai Jasmine & Mogra Silkening Shower Gel Wash comes in a transparent plastic bottle packaging with a screw on cap. I like the fact that I can see exactly the amount of product left because of the packaging. The bottle is so easy to use and carry around so everything is A-OK with the packaging.

Product & Texture

The gel is a transparent liquid with a runny consistency. The product is runny enough but not to runny so you do not have worry about the product falling around when you are using it. The consistency allows the gel to spread well and it lathers a lot so a little quantity is enough. The fragrance of the product is the best part about the gel because it has this really amazing floral fragrance and smells exactly like mogras.

My Experience

I absolutely love the shower gel. It lathers so well and I feel like I am surrounded by flowers when I use it. It leaves my skin well hydrated and the fragrance lingers so I can enjoy the lovely smell of mogras even after the shower.
I absolutely hate it when shower gels leave me feeling patchy and scaly particularly during winters but this product is very gentle on the skin. Also even though it is priced at a higher side, I have been using the gel for a few months now and I still have a bit of the product left so the fact that the bottle lasts a while balances out the price.

Final Verdict

All in all, it is pretty nice product and does everything it claims. I am generally happy with the effect Forest Essential products have on my skin and this gel is no exception. I am in love with the fragrance, the quality is great, the quantity is sufficient for months and it leaves my skin really soft and supple. Definitely a good option if you are into floral fragrance based products.

Which is your favourite shower gel?

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