Garnier Pure Active Apricot Exfoliating Scrub: Review

When I received the Garnier Pure Active Apricot Exfoliating Scrub, I was delighted for two reasons. First, I was in about to go out and by a new scrub because my skin was not doing so well and second it came with a packet of dried apricots which are one of my favorite snacks. I obviously gobbled up the dried apricots in a matter of hours but I took my time to use the scrub and I am finally going to talk about it today 🙂

Price: Rs.70 for 50 gms.

The Garnier Pure Active Apricot Scrub comes in a nice and sturdy squeezy white tube with a flip-top cap. I have absolutely no complains with the packaging and it is quite travel friendly.

The scrub has a very creamy texture and it is definitely one of the creamiest scrubs I have used. I have huge pet peeve about products that that have a particular fruit or flower printed all over their packaging but when you open them and sniff, you come across an altogether different fragrance. Thankfully this product smells like fresh apricots and I am absolutely in love with the fragrance.
The exfoliants in the scrub are very gentle which makes it an ideal product daily use. My skin is a total nightmare during summers and I have to up my game when it comes to skin care so i try to exfoliate every other day. Most scrubs I have used are a little harsh for this routine but Garnier proved to be perfect.Another thing I really like about this product is that scrubbing usually leaves my skin a little dry but due the creamy texture my skin feels really supple instead of stretchy. 

Now I usually do this in the beginning but Garnier said that this scrub gently removes dead skin cells to reveal fresh and glowing skin leaving the skin looking radiant and feeling smooth.I would say that in my almost three years of blogging I rarely come across products that live up to their claim but this scrub has definitely proved that it delivers everything that is printed on it. Not to forget that super pocket friendly price it retails at.  I don’t think I have anything negative to say about this product so go try it if you are looking for a pocket friendly skin friendly scrub.
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